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Snagged this fun tag from Yen! =) I'm doing this one now so I'll have a reference on how much our relationship will change after Labsie and I marry late this year. Hala ka labs! Hehe! Read on and snag this tag if you want =)

How long did you date? 8+ looong years! hehe! we were in second year college then..
Who said “I love you” first? in our relationship? si Labsie.. he was wooing me so he said the L word first. as if bibigay ako agad! hehe
Who kissed who first? siya pa rin.. stolen kiss on my cheek! kilig! hehe ;)
Who proposed? Labsie.. mga 2-3 months pa kami noon. pero tumagal pa ng 8+years before the wedding planning began in earnest. hehe!

How old is he? same age as mine, 26 =)
Who eats more? Labsie eh! hehe
Who is taller? Labsie pa rin.. 9 inches taller than me O_o
Who sings better? Labsie pa rin.. wala akong pag-asa dito
Who is smarter? *ehem* hehe! musically, siya.. academically, ako =)

Whose temper is worse? ME!!!!! hehe! Labsie is the most patient guy ever! love u labs! mwahh! =)
Who is more stubborn? ako pa rin.. but not so much now.. siya naman increasing. hala! hehe
Who is the first to admit when they are wrong? Labsie.. inaako nya lahat.. pa-martyr effect! :p
Who is more sensitive? both of us.. O_o

Who does the laundry? labandera! hehe
Who does the dishes? either..
Who pays the bills? most of the time si Labsie, chip in lang ako.. =)
Who mows the lawn? wala miy lawn, hehe
Who cooks dinner? ME! i love to cook for him! =)

Who drives when you are together? we both don't know how to drive, hehe
Whose parents do you see the most? mine, hehe
Who has more friends? si Labsie.. people person kaayo!
Who has more siblings? equal.. i got 2 bros, he has 1 bro & 1 sis
Who wears the pants in the family? both of us ;p as what Kaje said, "too proud to give the ‘pants’ to the hubby but too modest to take it" hehehe!

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