For Better or Worse..

Robinsons Highlands Clubhouse

After we went to St. Francis of Assisi Parish the other Sunday (Feb 9), we went to Robinsons Highlands Clubhouse (5-10 minute ride from the church) to check out the place. The clubhouse has rave reviews about its wonderful ambiance and view of Davao. Perfect place for a nature-themed wedding reception! =) And the clubhouse didn't disappoint even though it was raining and all we got were crappy, foggy pictures using Labsie's phone camera. Hehe!
The place will fit about 100 persons but you can extend to the side (see above pic) with tents. There was one guy who said he had a 600 person wedding there. 600?? Goodness! O_o As for us, we're having a max of 200 persons. Labsie and I come from large clans (my mom and his dad have 9 siblings!!) so the 200 guests will be mostly relatives. More pictures below:

This is the front entrance --
The left side view is overlooking Davao --
The right side view is overlooking the subdivision full of magnificent homes --
If you're interested, you can contact the clubhouse's office at (6382) 221-5072 =)

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Lorraine said...

hi Issa,

Ur site has been very helpful to me. I just want to ask coz I am planning to have my reception in a clubhouse which I have yet to decide between Robinsons and Fuente de verde (have u heard of the later?)Being away from and not seeing these places with my own eyes is really heartbreaking cause I won't be experiencing the emotions u were going through when u prepared ur wedding. Well, back to my question if I am to held the reception in a clubhouse I will just rent the place right? and I have to look for the caterers am I correct? I also want to ask if u can recommend any florist. thnk u so much, ur answer will be a big help. God bless u and ur family.

Anonymous said...


how many minutes drive from Redeemtorist church to robinson higlands?

Juvy Baluran said...

How much this reception hall will cost???

Unknown said...

How much this reception???