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wedding requirements in St. Francis

As planned, we went to St. Francis of Assisi Parish in Maa, Davao City last Sunday. We were really amazed with the nature backdrop of their altar. Simply gorgeous! We can definitely see ourselves getting married there =) And so we got the wedding requirements, and here it is (just in you stumble on our wedding blog looking for it):

1. Baptismal and Confirmation certificates
  • date of issuance within 6 months of wedding
  • with "for marriage purposes" annotation
2. Parish Permit (if you're not from St. Francis)

3. Marriage License (from the local civil registrar)

4. Pre-Cana Seminar (every 4th Saturday and Sunday of the month)

5. Marriage Banns (for 3 consecutive Sundays)

Submit all requirements at least one month before wedding. Interview follows submission and is held every Wednesday 830-11am. Booking of wedding follows after interview. This is the wedding schedule in St. Francis: Tuesday to Saturday; 1030am, 2pm, 330pm.

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Yen said...

Hi Issa! Love the music here and those photos of you and your sweetie:) When man imung wedding? hehe Btw, got you tagged!