For Better or Worse..

our honeymoon posts are in! ^_^

Not all but it should suffice for now, hehe! I'm done posting days 1-3 of our honeymoon (out of 10 days, I'm super slow!) in my personal blog. A bit of warning though, the posts are loaded with photos of super duper yummy food and cool kiddie / nerdy places =) Yes, I said kiddie and nerdy, hehe! Curious where we've been? Then click the links below. ENJOY!

Day 1 and 2: honeymoon chronicles: makati/laguna
Day 3 (part 1)honeymoon chronicles: makati food pornography
Day 3 (part 2)honeymoon chronicles: sea creatures and robots



Www.DilraTours.Com said...

Great and lovely honeymoon trip..Really enjoyed the post... Pictures are really awesome...Guys i really enjoyed that food part ...i'm craving now....

Randy Taylor said...

Lovely trip. . Awesome pictures