happy marriage recipe =)

Everybody wants a happy marriage but few knew how to “cook” one. Hehe! Here’s a happy marriage recipe — digest it and apply to your relationships! Not just marriages.. =)

1 cup consideration
1 cup courtesy
2 cupfuls flattery carefully concealed
1 gallon faith and trust in each other
2 cupfuls praise
1 small pinch of in-laws
1 reasonable budget, a generous dash of cooperation
3 teaspoon pure extract of “I’m sorry”
1 cup contentment
1 cup each confidence and encouragement
1 large or several small hobbies
1 cup blindness to the other’s faults

Flavor with frequent portions of recreation and a dash of happy memories. Stir well and remove any specks of jealousy, temper or criticism. Sweeten well with generous portions of love and keep warm with a steady flame of devotion. Never serve with cold shoulder.

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wedding theme and motif

Hiya guys! I'm Issa, the bride to-be =) Currently we're thinking of a fairytale wedding done in sky blue and baby pink colors. The sunset photo below perfectly captures the color palette that we want. Our only problem is HOW to design a fairytale setting in our reception. Any suggestions?

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the wedding is on!

Hi world! Welcome to our wedding blog! Pardon the dust, we are just getting started =) One month from now (February 23, 2008), we will announce our engagement and wedding plans to our parents. Hopefully, by that time, most of the wedding details are all ironed out. This blog will serve as our diary as we take the plunge into the unknown -- yup, we mean wedding planning! Hehe!

visit our official wedding website (click picture)

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