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Snagged this fun tag from Yen! =) I'm doing this one now so I'll have a reference on how much our relationship will change after Labsie and I marry late this year. Hala ka labs! Hehe! Read on and snag this tag if you want =)

How long did you date? 8+ looong years! hehe! we were in second year college then..
Who said “I love you” first? in our relationship? si Labsie.. he was wooing me so he said the L word first. as if bibigay ako agad! hehe
Who kissed who first? siya pa rin.. stolen kiss on my cheek! kilig! hehe ;)
Who proposed? Labsie.. mga 2-3 months pa kami noon. pero tumagal pa ng 8+years before the wedding planning began in earnest. hehe!

How old is he? same age as mine, 26 =)
Who eats more? Labsie eh! hehe
Who is taller? Labsie pa rin.. 9 inches taller than me O_o
Who sings better? Labsie pa rin.. wala akong pag-asa dito
Who is smarter? *ehem* hehe! musically, siya.. academically, ako =)

Whose temper is worse? ME!!!!! hehe! Labsie is the most patient guy ever! love u labs! mwahh! =)
Who is more stubborn? ako pa rin.. but not so much now.. siya naman increasing. hala! hehe
Who is the first to admit when they are wrong? Labsie.. inaako nya lahat.. pa-martyr effect! :p
Who is more sensitive? both of us.. O_o

Who does the laundry? labandera! hehe
Who does the dishes? either..
Who pays the bills? most of the time si Labsie, chip in lang ako.. =)
Who mows the lawn? wala miy lawn, hehe
Who cooks dinner? ME! i love to cook for him! =)

Who drives when you are together? we both don't know how to drive, hehe
Whose parents do you see the most? mine, hehe
Who has more friends? si Labsie.. people person kaayo!
Who has more siblings? equal.. i got 2 bros, he has 1 bro & 1 sis
Who wears the pants in the family? both of us ;p as what Kaje said, "too proud to give the ‘pants’ to the hubby but too modest to take it" hehehe!

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wedding reception table ideas

Our wedding motif is baby pink accented with sky blue. Over at TheKnot.com, I found gorgeous wedding reception table ideas in our preferred motif. Here are my top picks:

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its FEB 23!!!

Guess what that means?? If you missed our post about the importance of Feb 23, read it HERE. And then after that, go HERE =)

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monthly & yearly tips to make your marriage last


* Plan and have a date with one another.

* Celebrate your anniversary. Write a letter to each other recommitting yourselves to your marriage.
* Decide together how you will celebrate holidays.
* Make a big deal about your birthdays.

* Fight fair.
* Don’t try to change your spouse.
* Be willing to forgive.
* Don’t expect your spouse to be a mind reader and don’t try to be a mind reader.
* Consider attending a marriage enrichment weekend or workshop.
* Accept that there will be some small issues that you two will never resolve and that it is normal in successful marriages.

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Robinsons Highlands Clubhouse

After we went to St. Francis of Assisi Parish the other Sunday (Feb 9), we went to Robinsons Highlands Clubhouse (5-10 minute ride from the church) to check out the place. The clubhouse has rave reviews about its wonderful ambiance and view of Davao. Perfect place for a nature-themed wedding reception! =) And the clubhouse didn't disappoint even though it was raining and all we got were crappy, foggy pictures using Labsie's phone camera. Hehe!
The place will fit about 100 persons but you can extend to the side (see above pic) with tents. There was one guy who said he had a 600 person wedding there. 600?? Goodness! O_o As for us, we're having a max of 200 persons. Labsie and I come from large clans (my mom and his dad have 9 siblings!!) so the 200 guests will be mostly relatives. More pictures below:

This is the front entrance --
The left side view is overlooking Davao --
The right side view is overlooking the subdivision full of magnificent homes --
If you're interested, you can contact the clubhouse's office at (6382) 221-5072 =)

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daily & weekly tips to make your marriage last =)

* Spend at least 10 minutes a day focused on one another without the distraction of your kids, the TV, the phone, etc.
* Kiss your spouse in the morning, before leaving the house, when you go to bed, and several other times during the day and evening.
* Say I Love You.
* Hug your spouse several times each day.
* Affirm something your spouse said or did and say something nice.
* Be kind to your spouse.
* Do something caring and romantic for your spouse.
* Don’t criticize your spouse.
* Laugh together.

* Hide some love notes for your spouse.
* Do a few things together, like working in the yard, taking a walk, watching a favorite movie, or planning and cooking dinner.
* Encourage both yourself and your spouse to have some alone time.

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wedding blog header dilemma

Gosh! I'm on my fourth wedding blog header redesign already! I'm not really fond of designing blog headers, and my other four blogs are a testament to that. Probably because I'm not good at designing them, hehe! But with our wedding blog, I had this uncontrollable urge to customize everything including the blog header.

And so, after 4 redesigns (one of which I used for the past weeks), I'm finally at peace with what I created. Actually, I was okay with #2 (see below) but Labsie did not like the way he looked at the photos I used. I hope he likes this one coz I don't like to redesign again! Hehe =) Below are the so-so blog headers I made prior to the current one above.

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Happy Valentines everybody! =)

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wedding requirements in St. Francis

As planned, we went to St. Francis of Assisi Parish in Maa, Davao City last Sunday. We were really amazed with the nature backdrop of their altar. Simply gorgeous! We can definitely see ourselves getting married there =) And so we got the wedding requirements, and here it is (just in you stumble on our wedding blog looking for it):

1. Baptismal and Confirmation certificates
  • date of issuance within 6 months of wedding
  • with "for marriage purposes" annotation
2. Parish Permit (if you're not from St. Francis)

3. Marriage License (from the local civil registrar)

4. Pre-Cana Seminar (every 4th Saturday and Sunday of the month)

5. Marriage Banns (for 3 consecutive Sundays)

Submit all requirements at least one month before wedding. Interview follows submission and is held every Wednesday 830-11am. Booking of wedding follows after interview. This is the wedding schedule in St. Francis: Tuesday to Saturday; 1030am, 2pm, 330pm.

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Ning is getting married and he's giving away $$$!

Man, he sure has lots of money! Hehe! Imagine, he's spending money for his wedding and yet he can afford to give away $1500 to lucky bloggers! That's $100 for 15 bloggers -- and I sure hope I'll win! $100 in our country is about P4000 and that will surely cover the cost of our wedding invitations. Or half the cost of our wedding cake =) *I must win, I must win, I must win* LOL!

If you're interested, head on over to Ning's $1500 marriage giveaway. Yup, just click that link and it will take you to the post where the mechanics are written down. Good luck but I hope I win! Hahaha! =p To Ning, congratulations and best wishes! =)

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big day on sunday!

Labsie and I will go to St. Francis Church on Sunday to see firsthand how pretty the place is and to get the wedding requirements. Then afterwards, we'll go to Robinson's Highlands Clubhouse, our preferred site for the wedding reception. According to those who had their receptions there, the view is magnificent and the air so fresh. We'll see about that =) Stay tuned for the pictures!

Also, we will go shopping for engagement and wedding rings. With Valentines Day around the corner, most jewelry shops are having a sale so we'd take advantage of that =)

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wedding gown??

Honestly, I still have no idea what to wear on my wedding day! All I know is that I'm gonna be wearing white coz Labsie put his foot down and said I couldn't wear a pink princess gown *sniff* So what now?? Nada, zilch, no ideas at all.. I'm petite (just 5 feet) with a slim figure -- any suggestions on what the best style of wedding gown I should wear?

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our preferred wedding church

This is where we want to have our wedding =) So close to nature! So close to God..

St. Francis Church in Maa, Davao City

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