1 week to our wedding!!

Yeah, we haven't written in months and suddenly it's one week to our wedding day already! Hehe! The reason for our absence is that I was busy reviewing for my Physician Licensure Exam (late May to mid August) while Labsie was busy with work as he has just been promoted as Tech Trainer. Then, after my exams, we plunged head on to wedding planning and finalizing everything ^_^ And now, only 7 days are left.. And still with sooo many things to do! Scary!! Anyway, here are the links of our wedding updates (in order of published date) in my personal blog:

Our Engagement Announcement
Davao Pre-Cana Seminar (just a quick post)
NO JULY and AUGUST Wedding Updates -- very busy with my exam
SEPTEMBER Wedding Update (1 month to go!)

Enjoy reading!! =) And don't worry, after the wedding and the honeymoon, I'll be putting up a comprehensive DIY (do-it-yourself) guide in planning your wedding. I know many US-based websites have already done this but my guide will be specific for Filipino weddings done in Davao City. Yup, a DIY guide to Davao weddings!
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