Yep, that's not our "latest" photo above. Notice that I'm still very thin and not preggers at all. Hehe! Didn't have time to scrap for a Christmas greeting from our small family as I was busy doing last minute gift shopping. Thank god for online sales and JCPenney coupons! I made it through the Christmas rush and even saved a lot buying practical gifts =) Anyway, have a merry and happy Christmas from me, my husband and our little baby still inside my womb! Next year, she'll be with us -- yep, we're having a GIRL!! ^_^


Destination Wedding: Las Vegas! Hello casinos and bright lights!

Did you know that Las Vegas celebrates 120,000 weddings in a year? And did you know that the Vegas Strip (see below) has the most number of hotel rooms per square area anywhere in the world?? That two facts make Vegas one of the most exciting places in the US and the world to get married in! Imagine saying "I Do" where you’d see the Eiffel Tower with a pirate ship, a volcano and a beautiful show fountain nearby -- yep, all in one city! As the people in the desert state of Nevada say, it’s only in Vegas baby! ^_^ The big question: is getting married in Las Vegas for you and your partner?


If you want to get married quickly and have some fun immediately after, then Vegas is for you! Think Britney Spears marrying her childhood sweetheart and getting divorced mere hours later -- kidding! Hehe! :p Anyway, the primary draw of a Las Vegas wedding is that its cheap. You can have a complete wedding ceremony for a few hundred dollars in a quaint chapel and have Elvis Presley perform the ceremony for you. Plus if you're short on time, some wedding chapels even accept walk-in couples! And less than an hour later, you can start your honeymoon -- fast, easy and convenient!

Click Here for Wedding Supplies!

However, if you're the traditional type, a Las Vegas wedding probably is not for you. Though the place can be a great honeymoon destination -- think of all the themed casinos with slot games, poker tables and other machines you can spend your money on! :p Plus there are amazing shows like the awesome Cirque de Soleil's LOVE or shows from your favorite performers like Celine Dion and Barry Manilow. And if you want some cultural lesson, you can go to the Springs Reserve and learn all about the history of Las Vegas. Yep, this glittering city of Nevada really has it all! Perfect for destination weddings and honeymoons if you're into F-U-N!


on being a SAHM

SAHM means "stay at home mom" and though I'm not a "real" mom yet (3 more months!), I have been in mommy mode since my 2 younger male siblings were born. I am the eldest and the only girl, and so it's just natural that I'm my mom's right-hand gal =) Anyway, last October 2008, I got married and chose to be a stay at home wife instead of practicing my medical profession. Most of the people I knew (especially my parents) didn't understand why I would waste my time staying at home instead of earning moolah being a doctor. My female friends asked me don't I get bored staying at home day in and day out?

Firstly, being in mommy mode most of my life "trained" me not to get bored spending 24/7 at home. Even during my hectic days in medical school I still did some cooking, cleaning, taking care of our dogs, and doing other household stuff. And when I took a 1 year hiatus after graduating from med school (and before I took my Physician Licensure exam), I further honed my housewife skills. My parents were not living with us due to my dad's work, and I had a 5-room home, 10 dogs and 1 spoiled brother to take care of. Housework was easy-peasy for me. While most "modern" women don't like cleaning and cooking, I adore it! =)

And then I got married. I now have 2 guys to take care of :p Hubby and I initially planned that I'll spend the first year of our marriage at home and take specialty training after October 2009. But then I got pregnant around July! We had no plans to have kids until after 3-5 years of marriage so we can really save up for our kid, and now this. Our best-laid plans just got awry! Since I was pregnant, I had to say goodbye to specialty training. I could do it but I don't wanna stress myself and our sweet baby =) And that's why, until now, I'm still a SAHM! Needless to say, homebody me is loving it! ^_^


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my daily routine

Most of my employed friends often ask me what do I do whole day at home. Do I get bored? Why don’t I get fat despite my limited physical activity? Do I have plans to proceed with medical residency? They have lots of questions and I really don’t have an answer for most. So here’s the next best thing, my daily schedule right now (it changes with hubby’s work sked) ---

- 530am: wakeup & cook breakfast
- 6am: eat breakfast with hubby, see him off to work then I check my emails for urgent stuff
- 7am: back to sleep
- 10am: wake up, do household chores, eat morning snack, play with our pups & dogs
- 11am: watch TMZ / Insider Edition, go online (Facebook / Twitter, work, play in online casinos for real money, read med stuff)
- 12nn: watch CSI / Jay Leno Show / Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien, eat lunch, feed dogs if I feel up to it (if not, just play with them), wait for hubby’s call =)
- 1pm: TV is off, laze / work online or sleep or read new books & mags
- 3pm: watch 7th Heaven, still online, afternoon snack
- 4pm: prepare and cook dinner, check what’s needed to be done in our home
- 530pm: watch local news, prepare for hubby’s arrival (wives should smell good when their husbands arrive! hehe)
- 630pm: early dinner, cleanup kitchen, feed dogs, watch national news
- 8pm: HAPPY HOUR! anything goes here =)
- 10pm: hubby’s bedtime, I’m usually still watching AXN shows
- 11pm-12am: my bedtime


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our wedding wine labels

My best friend is getting married in a month or so, and she's on the last stretch of their wedding preparations. Right now she's putting on finishing touches on their wedding souvenirs and has recently asked me about wine labels (they're giving wines to their male primary sponsors). I didn't really have concrete suggestions on how to make their wine labels great, instead I just showed them the labels I made for our own wedding.

Here's the label we eventually used:
Here's how it looked pasted on our wedding vodka / wine souvenirs:

Here are the other wine labels I made using our own photos:


pregnancy wishlist / baby registry

Please click the pink links below.. ^_^
Our "Babies R Us" Wish List
Our Amazon Baby Registry

[ please enter "Solito" or "Elbanbuena" in the "Last Name" blank to access the Amazon list, thanks! ]

Take the concept of a pillow, stretch it to an elongated curve, contour it to provide the right kind of support where it is needed, and make it flexible so the user can shape it as necessary. Voila! This pillow does the work of 5 and is great for back and stomach support during pregnancy.
The Gabriel Feeding Pad Break-Away is a 3-in-1 product for nursing, burping or bottle-feeding! The Nursing Veil has finger loopholes to hold veil in place while minimizing infant distractions in public feeding situations, and end flaps that lift for mom-to-baby eye contact. The pad flips over to burp baby on soft fabric or to allow baby to rest comfortably on lap or shoulder. The bottle-feeding feature holds a 2-9 oz. bottle of milk and frees one hand while feeding baby upright.


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our baby blog is up! =)

And here are the first trimester posts! Well, actually, it's below the ultrasound photo (our first look of our sweet baby!). We're currently on the fifth month of pregnancy and so far, me + hubby + baby are doing great ^_^ We know you want a bolder paper person -- err, productive wedding blogger -- but it just can't be helped. Pregnancy is overwhelming! Especially for people who are not ready to have kids.. Hubby and I may be married (which is an altogether different kind of lifelong commitment) but it doesn't follow we're ready to raise children. One thing I can say: so help us God! ;-) As for this wedding blog, I'll be updating more frequently -- first trimester nausea and sluggishness is over and I'm more than happy to blog again!
Weeks 1 - 6: The First 6 Weeks
Science Stuff: First Trimester Recap


one decade of true love


Labsie and I first met in 1999 and hit it off instantly. We were into the same things: music (though it hates me, LOL), computers, books, gaming and tech. It also helped we came from the same family background and were raised quite similarly. I can truly say we started out as friends and as we got to know each other more, we knew we have to be together for the rest of our lives. It took us nine years to finally get married (mostly due to financial reasons) but it was all worth it! =)

Of course the road to our wedding wasn't easy. As most couples, we experienced problems during our second, fifth and seventh years of togetherness. And that's not counting the usual lovers' quarrels that we seem to have every time I'm PMSing, hehe! I guess the key to our love's success is that we never gave up, that we anticipated problems and created solutions for it, that we always turned to the Lord for help. It also helped that our families were not in our way and they supported our relationship.

Daisypath Anniversary Years Ticker

To Labsie -- my best friend, lover, partner for the past 10 years and husband of one year -- I adore you so. Thank you being the best person you can be for me and our future children. I thank God every day for blessing me with your love and devotion. As I have said years before, you are my piece of heaven here on earth, and I am proud to be carrying your child. I shall be your loving and supportive wife till the end of our lives. Te amo Daddy! ^_^


should the bride wear pearls on wedding day?

For some reason, I'm getting inquiries about wedding traditions. I know I have a wedding blog but I don't write about traditions and pamahiins so this is gonna be the first =) The most common wedding tradition inquiry I've received was whether a bride should wear pearls on her wedding day or not. I really don't know the answer to this one as I received conflicting info from my relatives and my mother-in-law. My MIL said I should not wear pearls because that would meant me shedding lots of tears in our married life. My relatives, meanwhile, believed that I should wear a teardrop-shaped pearl earrings on my wedding day. That way, all the tears will be shed on that day and I would shed none during our married life.

Conflicting right? So what did I do? I wore a pair of teardrop-shaped earrings but it wasn't made of pearl. Rather it was made of tri-color gold. That way, I didn't offend my MIL and I still sort of followed my relatives' advice ^_^ On a sidenote, I discovered that my uber-gorgeous wedding bouquet contained some faux pearls. Though I didn't "wear" these pearls (I just sort of carried them via the bouquet), I think it's working -- Labsie and I have a happy marriage so far! Hehe!

-- 0 --

Pearls symbolize love, success, happiness, modesty, chastity and purity. Thus, the Greeks believe it will promote marital harmony. The pearls are worn to “take away the bride’s tears” and to ensure a happy marriage without tears. In most Western countries, wearing pearls is a family tradition where a strand of pearls is passed from one generation to the next and worn by the bride on her wedding day. However, in Filipino, Italian and Mexican cultures, wearing pearls is frowned upon as it will bring tears after the we dding day.

But, if you love pearls, there's no sense in believing it will cause a tear-filled marriage. Wear them if you wish too! If your pearls are as beautiful as the ones in OrientalPearls.net, then be proud in wearing them on your wedding day! =) The said website has the world's largest online market of freshwater pearls and I super-love their designs! They offer pearls in any color, size and shape, and it can be custom-made to jewelry in 14K Gold or 92.5% Silver. The best thing about Oriental Pearls? They sell their retail products at wholesale prices! NICE!


2 weeks to our 1st wedding anniversary..

And we just got the best gift ever: Labsie and I are 3 months pregnant! Hubby is very thrilled while I'm quite ambivalent about it. After all, we planned to have a baby after 3-4 years of marriage. And we're still on our first year. Tsk! But hey, God thought we're ready to be parents so here we are: unexpectedly expecting our first bundle of joy! ^_^

On a side note, two posts from August and 1 post from early September will now be published below. We wanted to wait until we're 3 months pregnant to announce publicly that we're expecting and these 3 posts contained references to our pregnancy that's why I didn't publish it yet. Also, you can see our old our baby is in the right side =)

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our wedding AVP ^_^

AVP = audio-visual presentation and it seems to be the trend these days to show it during the wedding reception. Usually, an AVP has childhood photos of the bride and groom plus their fun couple photos. Photo and video professionals usually charge P3000 and up for an AVP -- too expensive for us! Thus, we made our own.. Hope you like it! ^_^


summary of our wedding and honeymoon posts

I’ve been receiving lots of inquiries about Davao weddings and honeymoon in the Philippines so I’d thought a post that links to all my posts about these. What I wrote are by no means comprehensive but I hope it will be able to help you =)

WEDDING UPDATES (in order of published date)
Our Engagement Announcement
Davao Wedding Fair (Candor and Bliss)
Our Save-The-Date Cards
Our Wedding Invitation Prototype
Davao Pre-Cana Seminar (just a quick post)
JUNE Wedding Update
NO JULY and AUGUST Wedding Updates — very busy with my Physician Licensure exam
SEPTEMBER Wedding Update (1 month to go!)
Sneak Peak of our Prenuptial Pictorial
My Trial Wedding Makeup Photos
Food-Tasting Photos in Grand Regal Hotel (1 week to go!)

2 weeks married!
Elbanbuena-Solito Wedding: The Bride
Elbanbuena-Solito Wedding: The Groom
Elbanbuena-Solito Wedding: The KADA

HONEYMOON POSTS (out of 10 days)
Day 1 and 2: honeymoon chronicles: makati/laguna
Day 3 (part 1): honeymoon chronicles: makati food pornography
Day 3 (part 2): honeymoon chronicles: sea creatures and robots
Day 4: honeymoon chronicles: chapel and kitchen


Saturday 9: Wedding Bell Blues

I'm late in posting but I can't pass this up! =) You too can join in the fun HERE!

1. If you have been or are married, tell us about your wedding. If you are not, tell us how would you want it to be.
- I got married last October 2008 and we so much fun! ^_^ Being Catholic, we can't have an outdoor garden wedding which was what we wanted. The good thing is, we found St. Francis church whose altar backdrop is a garden! Perfect! =) Our reception had a fairytale / pink butterfly theme and we loooved it so much.. All the people we love (200+) were there and the food in Grand Regal Hotel was awesome! Overall, mess ups aside, Labsie and I had the best wedding we could ever had! ^_^

2. What age would you encourage your children to get married?
- I won't necessarily encourage them. Maybe they want to stay single so.. Whatever they want, I'll support.

3. Who got married at the last wedding that you attended?
- Basil and Gladys (June 27 this year), the bride was a college friend of mine and I was one of the bridesmaids =)

4. Do you enjoy weddings and receptions?
- I enjoy the food, decor and program (especially if it has fun games)!

5. Have you cried at a wedding?
- Nope.. Not even in my own wedding. LOL! Scared that my makeup will be ruined, hehe!

6. Would you prefer a lavish event or a intimate ceremony?
- Intimate! Less money to spend :p

7. Have you ever been in some one’s wedding party? If yes, do tell.
- Yes, I was a bridesmaid recently.

8. Does a wedding make you happy and sentimental or grouchy and skeptical?
- Happy and sentimental! =)

9. Why do you think our divorce rate is so high?
- Divorce rate is high because people just don't believe in "What God had put together, let no man put asunder." =(


The bride becomes a bridesmaid..

Yeah, funny huh?? And what's even funnier, this is my first time to be a bridesmaid for a non-relative! My close friends are all still single kasi, LOL! ^_^ I previously wrote about this in my other blog more than a month ago and you can see there I was pretty excited about it. Hehe! And last Saturday, the wedding of Basil and Gladys was finally celebrated. And I once again walked down the aisle.. ;-) That's me at left. The entourage wore deep red gowns and I did my own hair (pulled it back like a ponytail) and "makeup" using Avon oil-control powder as foundation and red lip liner for my lipstick and eye shadow. I think my face turned out alright despite my meager makeup arsenal, LOL!

What I liked about the whole wedding ceremony (it wasn't a Catholic ceremony so things were new to me) was the pastor's sermon. I picked up a lot of marriage tips that will surely help me and my hubby in our married life. The top two "tips" that I'll remember for the rest of my life are these: NEGLIGENCE is a marriage killer and NOURISHMENT is a marriage builder. Under the latter is to stay with your partner for the first two years of your marriage. Gladys married a pastor and the pastor who officiated the wedding said without qualms that the groom should not take any heavy pastoral duties in the early part of their marriage. I wholeheartedly agree with this! In fact, this is the reason why I didn't rush into medical residency after passing my Physician Licensure exam last year. For me marriage is a lifetime commitment that supersedes my career.

The officiating pastor also said that the couple should stay together always if possible. He said that if there's no need to work abroad, don't! Stay with your spouse and your family. Again, I agreed with him on this. I know so many married couples who are well off financially and yet they take Nursing (and other courses that makes it easy for them to go abroad) just so they can earn dollars. But to what end? More money? Is money really more valuable than being with your family? -_- The pastor was really a good speaker: he was funny, articulate and his sermon carried a lot of weight. I'm sure he'd do well in HR consulting Mexico, LOL! You know how it is working in the Human Resources department, you gotta be firm with labor decisions but at the same time fun and cool with the workers. I must say being a pastor is great training for working in HR or even the management! Anyway, to Basil and Gladys -- have a happy marriage and love each other always! ^_^


the dream wedding

All girls have their fairytale dreams of finding their own Prince Charming and getting married in an exquisite one-of-a-kind wedding. As for me, it came as a surprise that I had (and found) my own Prince Charming coz I never thought I would need a guy in my life. But since the good Lord gave him to me (and me to him), we made the most out of our relationship. Thus, we eventually found ourselves talking about our dream wedding. I’m not so much into grand weddings. All I wanted was a private, solemn ceremony in a quiet, gorgeous place. In my college years, I wanted a wedding on a cliff overlooking the sea. I want to hear the sea waves crashing and air rushing in my ears. Obviously I’ve since mellowed down. Hehe! Here’s what I dreamt...

I wanted a quaint chapel with a beautiful garden in a quiet town with elegant interiors and a gorgeous altar where we will say our vows.

After the solemn wedding, we will proceed to the reception area. Inside or outside doesn’t matter. If my mood wants a formal reception, I would opt for an indoor reception (left). Otherwise, an outdoor reception would be the unique way to go!

After the tiring reception, it’s time to rest in a soothing and romantic suite. Honeymoon time!!

The next morning, we wake up to a spectacular view…
…and decide to have a refreshing dip in a dazzling pool or sea!

And here ends my dream wedding storytelling. Hehe! By the way, if you want something like this for your own wedding, check out hotel Estancia in San Jose del Cabo in Mexico City. If you must know, Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt (of "The Hills" fame) got married in Cabo ;-) That's about it. I hope you enjoyed the pretty pictures above!


used books for sale!

The Dragonlance books are listed in chronological order (according to story timeline). Contact me at 09177041028 or just leave a message here ^_^ I'm also open to trade, Labsie and I are avid Dragonlance collectors! If you want school books at cheaper prices, you can buy used college textbooks at Valore Books. With the current economic crisis, we would all do well selling our old stuff and instead of buying new items, get the pre-loved things which are much cheaper.

preludes vol 6: tanis the shadow years (no front cover) - P10

meetings sextet:
* vol 2: wanderlust (tas, flint, tanis) - P130
* vol 5: steel & stone (tanis, kitiara) - P130

war of the twins (1986 first printing artwork) - P120
the second generation (children of the heroes of the lance) - P150
dragons of summer flame (chaos war, 600+ pages long) - P180

dragons of a new age trilogy (dragons ruled krynn when the gods left):
* vol 1: dawning of a new age (small tear at upper right cover) - P100
* vol 3: eve of the maelstrom - P120

bertrem's guide to the war of souls vol 2 (short stories) - P130

defenders of magic trilogy vol 1 - night of the eye (with plastic cover) - P120

heroes vol 3: weasel's luck (torn covers) - P10


get married in Juliet's balcony!

You're Juliet and he's your Romeo.. and you want a better ending to your love story than what Shakespear wrote. So, what do you do? What else but get married on the balcony in the 13th century mansion thought to be the home of the Capulets! Hehe! The 13th century mansion of the Cappello family -- believed to be the Capulets of William Shakespeare's tragic play "Romeo and Juliet" -- has for years been a place of pilgrimage for lovers worldwide. Now, Verona's town council is offering couples a chance to wed in ^_^

In the photo above, local soccer player Luca Ceccarelli kisses his wife Irene Lanforti after getting married at the Casa in last June 1, 2009. They are the first couple to ever marry there. SWEET! And if you want get married in Juliet's balcony, here are the rates: a normal civil wedding license in Italy costs about 45 euros ($64) but for non-European citizens the Verona license will cost nearly 900 euros, with EU non-Verona couples paying approximately 700 euros.


Sunnypoint Function Plaza wedding packages

I noticed that many visitors in this blog are searching for the wedding packages offered by Sunnypoint Function Plaza. I think they arrived here coz I have a couple of posts that mentioned this wedding reception venue but, unfortunately for them, I didn't mention any of their wedding packages. The good news is, this new post will correct that problem =) You can click here for other Davao City wedding reception venues.

Sunnypoint Function Plaza was established in 1995 and is located in Maa, Davao City. The company is known to be a specialist in arranging weddings, debuts, anniversaries, and birthdays. They offer everything from favors to reception to accommodation to gowns to hosts, etc, etc. It's no wonder why busy couples or debutantes hire them to arrange their special day.

Aside from a one-stop wedding (or occasions) package, you can't also beat Sunnypoint Function Plaza's freebies, gimmicks, and price. If I weren't so OC about my own wedding, I would have chosen them -- they give the best price value for all the services they offer! And no, I'm not paid to write this, I just want to inform the people of their positive points =) Anyway, here are Sunnypoint's wedding packages:

Wedding Package A (most expensive)
Clarissa Hall Venue (smaller of the 2 halls)
50 persons - P62,000.00
100 persons - 75,000.00
150 persons - 88,000.00
200 persons - 101,000.00

David Hall Venue
100 persons - P80,000.00
150 persons - 93,000.00
200 persons - 106,000.00
250 persons - 119,000.00
300 persons - 132,000.00
350 persons - 145,000.00
400 persons - 158,000.00

Food (12 Entrees)
bread, soup, salad, appetizer, beef dish, pork dish, chicken dish, fish dish, pasta, vegetable dish, dessert, steamed rice, bottomless drink

Wedding Package B - 10 entrees
Wedding Package C - 8 entrees

Wedding Package D
(cheapest package)
Clarissa Hall Venue
50 persons - 38,000.00
100 persons - 51,000.00
150 persons - 64,000.00
200 persons - 77,000.00

David Hall Venue
100 persons - 56,000.00
150 persons - 69,000.00
200 persons - 82,000.00
250 persons - 95,000.00
300 persons - 108,000.00
350 persons - 121,000.00
400 persons - 134,000.00

Food (6 Entrees)
bread, soup, beef OR pork dish, chicken OR fish dish, pasta OR vegetable dish, dessert, steamed rice, bottomless drink

SunnyPoint Function Plaza website
Phone: (63) (82) 2440562 / 2441736


Emotional Affairs: the new cheating game

This might be a WEDDING blog but I deal with MARRIAGE issues too. After all, as I wrote previously, what comes after the wedding is more important. And what's after is marriage -- which should last for a lifetime, at least in theory. LOL! :p Most marriages these days (and other love relationships as well) end because of cheating or infidelity. With the advanced digital technology, straying from your partner has never been easier. There's e-mail, texting, instant messaging, social networks, actually just about everything on the Internet is an infidelity bait. There's even a US website that exclusively offers affairs to married people. Dang! -_-

What is scary in all of these is that cheating these days need not be physically consummated. You can chat with someone over the internet, share your daily life, tell him all your marital problems, grow close to him, and yet since you have never met him personally, you had never sex with him. So you assume it's not cheating. But it must be said IT IS STILL CHEATING and this type is called as having an EMOTIONAL AFFAIR. Very deceiving but as destructive as sexual affairs. As I'm not an expert on this topic, I feel these articles would be more helpful to you than paranoid me prattling about cheating:

** CNN: Could you be having an emotional affair?
People enmeshed in nonsexual affairs preserve their "deniability," convincing themselves they don't have to change anything. That's where they're wrong. If you think about it, it's the breach of trust, more than the sex, that's the most painful aspect of an affair and, I can tell you from my work as a psychiatrist, the most difficult to recover from.

** Oprah.com: I Thought I Could Trust Him…
"Each night after the kids go to bed, my WH (wandering husband aka the one who cheated in the marriage) and I have time together to just sit and watch TV. And of course, that's when my questions start. And his lack of answers. Every night."


can CLSS enrich your marriage?

YES, I firmly believe so! ^_^ Last May 8, on our 7th wedding monthsary, Labsie and I attended the 3-day Catholic Life in the Spirit Seminar (or CLSS) for 3 days. I thought it was great that we're doing something important to celebrate our monthsary rather than just eating out as per the usual =) CLSS is all about renewing your faith, healing your spirit (which is very helpful if you have negative family and relationship issues) and receiving the Holy Spirit. The event was held in St. Francis Xavier Major Seminary (REMASE), Catalunan Grande, Davao City and was organized by the Oasis of Love - Davao, a charismatic community where my parents have been members for several years.

Now, why do I believe that the Catholic Life in the Spirit Seminar enriches marriages and your other relationships? Because if it touched you and reconnected you with the Lord, you are now enabled to do the right Christian things -- to your spouse, parents, siblings and friends. It's been one week since Labsie and I had CLSS, and so far we are closer than ever to each other and to the Lord ^_^ As with all couples, we have problems with regards to "third parties", and my sweet hubby confided that he learned in CLSS (and from Bo Sanchez's book) a trick to keep his eyes from straying: he'll just imagine sexy women as MEN IN SKIRTS! LOL! I just hope he won't see ME as such, after all I'm a sexy gal! ;-)


Discloure Policy

This policy is valid from 16 May 2009 until further notice.

This blog is a personal blog written and edited by me. For questions about this blog, please contact me here: cutieissaATgmail.com.

This blog accepts forms of cash advertising, sponsorship, paid insertions or other forms of compensation.

The compensation received may influence the advertising content, topics or posts made in this blog. That content, advertising space or post may not always be identified as paid or sponsored content.

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This blog does contain content which might present a conflict of interest. This content may not always be identified.


Davao City marriage license application

MARRIAGE LICENSE is requirement for either a Civil or Church wedding to be held in the Philippines. The Application Form for a marriage license must be secured at the Local Civil Registrar from the city, town or municipality where either the bride or the groom habitually resides. The personal appearance of those getting married is required in applying for a marriage license. These are the requirements:

1. NSO Birth Certificate: Certified True Copy required of each the contracting parties with the respective registry number.
2. Parents' Consent (for 18-21 years old) or Parent's Advice (for 21-25 years old) which is a written indication that the parents are aware of the couple's intent to marry.
3. Certificate of Attendance in a pre-marital counseling and family planning seminar conducted by the Division of Maternal and Child Health at the Municipal/City Hall in the same municipality or city where the contracting parties applied for the marriage license.
4. Please contact your Local Registrar for other requirements.

In Davao City, you apply for a marriage license here:
Office of the City Registrar
Ground Floor, Sangguniang Panglungsod Building
San Pedro St., Davao City
Tel.Nos.: +63(082) 227-5794 / 227-8060

After applying for the marriage license, it will be posted at the Local Registrar for 10-14 days, after which the marriage license will be issued. The license is valid for 120 days from date of issuance and may be used anywhere in the Philippines. This what the application for a marriage license looks like (click to enlarge):


Lucky Wedding Dates for 2010

Year 2009 is not even half way over but the Chinese Zodiac has already come up with the lucky dates for a wedding in 2010 (Year of Tiger) ^_^ Please take note of your Chinese Astrology Sign. If you're a Rat, avoid the days mentioned below. Other signs also have exceptions to the lucky wedding dates so pay attention ;-p

EDIT: I'll soon post lucky wedding dates for 2011 and 2012, just bear with me :)

Lucky Days Except for Rat People (Year 1912, 1924, 1936, 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996)

Jan 8 (Fri), Jan 20 (Wed)
Feb 1 (Mon)
Mar 9 (Tue)
Apr 2 (Fri), Apr 26 (Mon)
May 8 (Sat), May 20 (Thu)
Aug 12 (Thu), Aug 24 (Tue)
Sep 5 (Sun), Sep 17 (Fri), Sep 29 (Wed)
Oct 11 (Mon), Oct 23 (Sat)
Nov 4 (Thu), Nov 28 (Sun)

Except for Ox (Year 1913, 1925, 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997)
Feb 14 (Sun), Feb 26 (Fri)
Mar 10 (Wed), Mar 22 (Mon)
Jun 26 (Sat)
Jul 20 (Tue)
Aug 13 (Fri), Aug 25 (Wed)
Nov 5 (Fri)

Except for Tiger (Year 1914, 1926, 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998)
Jan 22 (Fri)
Feb 3 (Wed)
Apr 4 (Sun)
May 10 (Mon)
Jun 15 (Tue)
Jul 9 (Fri), Jul 21 (Wed)
Aug 2 (Mon), Aug 14 (Sat)
Sep 19 (Sun)
Oct 1 (Fri), Oct 13 (Wed)
Nov 6 (Sat)

Except for Rabbit (Year 1915, 1927, 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999)
Feb 4 (Thu), Feb 16 (Tue)
Apr 17 (Sat)
May 11 (Tue), May 23 (Sun)
Jun 4 (Fri), Jun 16 (Wed)
Jul 10 (Sat), Jul 22 (Thu)
Aug 3 (Tue)
Oct 14 (Thu)
Nov 7 (Sun)

Except for Dragon (Year 1916, 1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000)
Jan 24 (Sun)
Mar 25 (Thur)
May 12 (Wed)
Jun 5 (Sat), Jun 17 (Thu), Jun 29 (Tue)
Jul 11 (Sun), Jul 23 (Fri)
Oct 3 (Sun), Oct 27 (Wed)
Nov 8 (Mon)

Except for Snake (Year 1917, 1929, 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001)
Jan 25 (Monday)

Except for Horse (Year 1918, 1930, 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002)
Feb 7 (Sun)
Mar 3 (Wed), Mar 27 (Sat)
May 14 (Fri), May 26 (Wed)
Aug 18 (Wed)
Nov 10 (Wed), Nov 22 (Mon)
Dec 4 (Sat)

Except for Goat (Year 1919, 1931, 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003)
Jan 3 (Sun)
Mar 16 (Tue)
Jun 8 (Tue), Jun 20 (Sun)
Sep 12 (Sun), Sep 24 (Fri)
Oct 6 (Wed)
Dec 17 (Fri), Dec 29 (Wed)

Except for Monkey (Year 1920, 1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004)
Apr 10 (Sat), Apr 22 (Thu
May 4 (Tue), May 16 (Sun)
Jul 15 (Thu), Jul 27 (Tue)
Dec 6 (Mon)

Except for Rooster (Year 1921, 1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005)
Jan 17 (Sun), Jan 29 (Fri)
Feb 10 (Wed), Feb 22 (Mon)
Mar 6 (Sat), Mar 30 (Tue)
Apr 23 (Fri)
May 29 (Sat)
Jul 16 (Fri), Jul 28 (Wed)
Aug 9 (Mon), Aug 21 (Sat)
Oct 20 (Wed)
Nov 25 (Thu)

Except for Dog (Year 1922, 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006)
Jan 6 (Wed)
Feb 23 (Tue)
Apr 12 (Mon)
May 18 (Tue), May 30 (Sun)
Jun 11 (Fri), Jun 23 (Wed)
Aug 22 (Sun)
Sep 3 (Fri), Sep 15 (Wed), Sep 24 (Mon)
Nov 14 (Sun)

Except for Pig (Year 1923, 1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007)
Jan 19 (Tue), Jan 31 (Sun)
Jun 24 (Thu)
Jul 18 (Sun)
Aug 11 (Wed)
Oct 10 (Sun)
Nov 3 (Wed)
Dec 9 (Thu), Dec 21 (Tue)


Davao Wedding Directory :: Reception Venue - Davao Hotels

Most Davao City hotels offer in-house wedding reception packages. The catch is they require a minimum of 100 persons but you can always make deals with the banquet personnel ^_^ The hotel names are linked to their respective websites so just click them to see how the hotels look. Most of the wedding package rates I've listed are from October 2008 except for those with links (updated rates). It's best to call up the hotel banquet office to confirm their current rates, the personnel are always helpful ^_^

If you want to add a Davao City hotel, please contact me. As for Davao City resorts that offer wedding reception packages, I'll make a separate post about them.

Lanang, Davao City
Phone: (6382) 235-0888 :: Fax: (6382) 234-3858

Wedding Reception Packages as of October 2008: as low as P450/pax
click to EMAIL

Lakandula Street, Agdao, Davao City
Telefax: (6382) 221-2915 :: Fax: (6382) 221-5748
click to EMAIL

123 Crossing Buhangin, Davao City
Phone: (6382) 241-0787  and 241-1883 :: Fax: (6382) 241-0695
Wedding Reception Packages for as low as P33000 / 100pax
click to EMAIL

Villa-Abrille Street, Davao City (downtown)
Phone: (6382) 227-7777 and 300-8888 :: Fax: (6382) 227-4333
Classic Wedding Package (P38500 / 100pax)
Romance Wedding Package (P54800 / 100pax)
Platinum Wedding Package (P78800 / 100pax :: Fairytale Motif)
click to EMAIL

Camus Street, Davao City (downtown)
Phone: (6382) 221-6430 to 40 :: Fax: (6382) 221-0748
Wedding Reception Packages as of October 2008: as low as P700/pax
click to EMAIL

A. Pichon Street (formerly Magallanes St), Davao City (downtown)
Phone: (6382) 221-9040 :: Fax: 221-2431
click to EMAIL

Cor. CM Recto and Roxas Streets, Davao City (downtown)
Phone: (6382) 221-0888 :: Fax: (6382) 225-0111
Wedding Reception Packages as of October 2008: as low as P1000/pax
click to EMAIL

Palma Gil Street, Davao City (downtown)
Telefax: (6382) 225-8888 and 225-1888
Wedding Reception Packages as of October 2008: as low as P500/pax

Lanang, Davao City
Phone: (6382) 233-2881 :: Fax: 235-0900
click to EMAIL


FREE dream wedding from Hizon's Catering!

Isn't that awesome?? Personally, I think this is even better than the free wedding from MySpace unless you wanna be a reality TV star. Hehe! Hizon's Catering is one of Manila's (and maybe the Philippines) top caterers. The company is an off-premise caterer specializing in weddings, private parties and corporate events, and was established in 1987. This is the second time they're doing the "Win A Wedding" promo. The first lucky couple to win was Maria Theresa De Lara and Nathaniel Semana. Congrats guys! ^_^ If you wanna be the second couple to have a FREE dream wedding, join in HERE. These are the freebies you'll get:
NICE huh?! These freebies would definitely translate to savings big-time! ;-) All soon to wed couples are invited to join the raffle. No purchase or commitment is required to participate, just fill up their registration form. EASY! The winning couple will be drawn on September 13, 2009. Good luck!!


a cocktail for our 6 months of wedded bliss! ^_^

Take a couple of whole months, clean them thoroughly of all Bitterness,
Rumours, Hate and Jealousy; in other words,
make them as fresh and as clean as possible.
Now cut each month into 28, 30 or 31 different parts...
But don't make up the whole batch at once..
Instead prepare it One Day at a Time.

Mix well each day:
One part of Faith,
One of Patience,
One of Courage,
One of Work,

Add one part each of:

Blend with:
One part Prayer,
One part Meditation
Good Deeds.

Season the whole with:
a dash of Good Spirit,
a sprinkle of Fun,
a pinch of Play
a cupful of Good Humour.

Pour all of this into a Vessel Of Love,
Cook thoroughly over Radiant Joy
Garnish with Smiles
Serve with Quietness, Unselfishness and Cheerfulness --

And you are bound to have a Happy Life!
Happy 6th Wedding Monthsary Labs! ^_^


must-have wedding day photos

One of my closest friends is getting married late this year (or maybe early next year, they haven't decided on the exact date yet, LOL) and she's been asking me for wedding tips that applies to Davao weddings. I even accompanied her to some wedding reception venues as she checked it out. Anyway, one of the stuff she kept asking about was the wedding photography and video. Even though I love to take photos and a bit creative, I'm not really an artist in the real sense of the word. So when she asked me if my wedding photographer takes artistic shots, I couldn't answer her. LOL! I mean, what constitutes an artistic shot? I really have no idea! o_O

So I told her what's important is that the wedding photographer will be able to take the neccessary wedding shots. By "neccessary" I mean the pictures of the bride, groom, both families, the entourage and guests PLUS the moments that define the wedding ceremony and reception. Because we had 200+ guests, I thought that 1 wedding photographer wouldn't suffice. Maybe s/he will but he'll be fatigued and rushing to & fro to get good angles. A rushed photographer is definitely not good so I hired a second photographer. You might want to get one too if your wedding is quite big. Below is a list of photos that your wedding photographer should definitely take. (SOURCE: 50 ‘Must Have’ Wedding Photography Shots)

Wedding Photography Shot List (shots we have are italicized)
Prep Shots - Bride & Groom
The Dress - Hanging or Draped
The North Window Shot - Bride facing out northern most window
Bride walking down stairs (in my case, walking in the hotel lobby, LOL)
Bride looking out ( window or door )
Maid of Honor & Brides Mom - Zipping Dress
Bride Applying Make Up
Grooms Father & Best Man - Attaching Boutonnière to grooms lapel
Groom Checking the Time
Groom with Grooms Men & Fathers (the dads were nowhere to be found, sigh)
Bride with Bridesmaids & Mothers
Bride with Mother & Father ( also grandparents )
Groom with Mother & Father ( also grandparents )
Bride Limo - Groom Limo
Bride & Groom - Exiting Limo ( Bride being helped out )
Church Wide Shot ( with & without guests )
Bride walking down aisle ( side Profile & front )
Father giving away bride
Groom over the shoulder shot of bride ( & vice versa)
Bride & Groom Leaving Church ( receiving line)

Reception/Banquet Hall Outside shot
Food Shots ( cocktail hour, drinks, etc )
Shot of each table full of guests
Shots of Bride & Groom with & without family
Bride & Groom with Bridesmaids & Groomsmen
Bride and Groom Hand & Ring Portraits
Bride & Father Dance
Groom & Mother Dance (we didn't have this)
Bouquet Toss
Garter Belt Toss
Cake Cutting, Bride and Groom Feeding each other
Misc. Guests Dancing
Bride & Groom Eating
Best Man & Maid of Honor Toast/Speeches
Bride & Groom Toast/Speeches
Centerpieces & Flower/Decorations (see pic above)
Guestbook Signatures
Small Children Dancing with Bride & Groom
Bride & Groom’s Parents Dancing ( plus grandparents )
Venetian Hour Photos ( coffee, ice cream, etc )
Bride & Groom giving away wedding favors
Groom Giving Coat to Bride
Bride & Groom “Just Married” Vehicle - Driving Away


win a FREE wedding and be a reality show star!

Wow, you'll be hitting two of your fondest dreams with one stone! LOL! ;-) In this day and age, anything for FREE sounds good. And to women, if the free item is their dream wedding, there will definitely be a Battle Royale! Add to that the fact that winning the free wedding will make her a star, or at least a popular "pop culture icon of the moment", then there's just no way in this world that she won't try her damndest to win! ;-)

Here's the scoop: MySpace (yes, the social network that Facebook overtook) is now accepting submissions for “Married on MySpace,” an online reality TV series that will let engaged couples receive the “wedding of their dreams” planned by and shared with MySpace users. Yup, that's the caveat: your dream wedding isn't exactly just your "dream" as it will be planned by millions of MySpace users through voting!

The good news is, premier wedding site The Knot, will be on hand to provide editorial content and wedding planning expertise. Whew, thank god for that! The contest is co-sponsored by Disney, who is releasing “The Proposal” soon with Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds. And MySpace is also partnering with Endemol, the company that Big Brother and Fear Factor. I'm sure four huge and respectable companies can make your dream wedding come true ;-)

More scoop: after submissions have ended, MySpace members will chose their favorite couples. Once a finalist has been selected, members will continue to vote on elements of the wedding, including what the bride and groom will wear, the wedding location, etc, etc. “Married on MySpace” is a 13-episode series that will debut online in May and conclude in early August with the wedding ceremony. Here's the trailer:


Wedding Cake Recipe

If you landed here while googling "wedding cake recipe", I'm sorry to say that I don't have a "real" wedding cake recipe. However, what I have is something equally satifying as eating a real yummy cake =) Read on and smile! To my hubby of 5 months, Happy 113th Monthsary of our couplehood! More, more, more!

Wedding Cake Recipe
1/2 lb good looks
1lb sweet temper
1lb butter of youth
1lb blindness of faults
1lb of wit
1lb good humour
2lb of sweet argument
1 pint of rippling laughter
1 wine glass of common sense
a dash of modesty

Put the good looks and a sweet temper into a well furnished house.
Beat the butter of youth into a cream,
and mix well together with the blindness of faults.
Stir the wit and good humour into the sweet argument
then add the rippling laughter and common sense.
Work the whole thing together until everything is well mixed,
and bake gently forever... ^_^


catch up with us on FriendFeed!

If you're exhausted of telling everyone that you've updated your blogs, social profiles and other online what-nots, it's time you get a respite. I've been fooling around with FriendFeed for awhile now and since I joined Twitter and Facebook, it has been very useful to my non-Twitter and non-FB friends. So what does FriendFeed do? It's sort of like your central office where everything you do in certain enrolled websites are listed. Take a look at my feed below (click to enlarge). It listed what I just tweeted in Twitter, what I blogged in yes, it's ME! and my status in Facebook. Awesome huh?? ^_^ But that's not the best thing about FriendFeed -- THIS IS: you can access my FriendFeed without making an account for it!

Yup, you read it right, no need to signup. Anytime you want to know what I'm (or have been) up to, just type http://friendfeed.com/cutieissa in your browser's address bar and you'll see the latest updates in my blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Picasa, Digg, StumbleUpon, YouTube, etc, etc.If you're too lazy to type the address, scroll down this blog and you'll see my updates at the right =) Currently FriendFeed offers 59 online services including Google Reader, Plurk, Netflix and others. Click HERE to see their entire list. So, are you going to use FriendFeed? Will you check out my updates using it?

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