For Better or Worse..

3 days to Valentines Day! =)

Not that I have something special planned for that red-letter day-- I suspect Labsie doesn't have any plans too, LOL! Currently we're reading Davao City newspapers for ads on restaurant and hotel promotions for Valentines Day. My parents are suggesting we all go to Chad Borja and Dulce's concert in Garden Oases Resort. Say what?? Whoever went out with their parents on V-day?? Well, we did on year 2005 with Labsie's parents. Mood killer, I tell you, hehe! The upside? We got free dinner in an upscale European restaurant! ;-)

Anyway, if you're like us that still have no plans for Valentines 2009, here are links to posts with creative V-day gift ideas, kissing and date tips, plus a love story that will make your heart melt. And the author is a married guy! Who says marriage makes guys unromantic?

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