For Better or Worse..

our first dance as newlyweds

Labsie and I both have pairs of left feet. And so one thing we agreed on early in our wedding planning was that we won't have a "dance production" that's so common these days for the newlywed's first dance. We promised we'll just have the usual simple couple dance (his hands on my waist, my hands on his shoulders) and dance to a slow song so our feet won't get tangled, hehe! Most wedding sites suggest that your first dance as husband and wife should be an exciting, romantic and memorable occasion, and not a boring experience. There lay our problem -- doing the usual couple dance is definitely boring! And of course, we don't want that. So what did we do? We amped up the excitement factor by choosing a fun song! =)

Labsie wanted to dance to Phantom of the Opera's OST "All I Ask of You" -- a very sweet song and oh-so romantic! However it's rather obscure. Meanwhile I wanted “A Whole New World” by Peabo Bryson & Regina Belle mixed with "Beauty and the Beast (Prince)" to keep in with the fairytale theme. All beautiful songs but somehow unexciting. Three days to the wedding, we finally decided on a classic Filipino love song by Rey Valera =) It's kinda upbeat and a very fun song! Even better, the lyrics just reeks of "till death do us part" theme. And as we expected, our audience loved it plus we really had fun dancing! You can see our big smiles (the invisible braces known as invisalign San Diego not seen of course!) even from afar, hehe! We even gave a twirl at the end of our dance, LOL! CLICK: Tips on choosing your first dance song

Here's a modern version of our wedding dance song. Like it? =)

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