For Better or Worse..

feng shui tips for choosing wedding motif (color)

Color combinations that create good luck:
• A yang color (i.e. red) with its yin version (i.e. pink) are always good, safe choices (ours was red/pink with brown for earth). Others include: dark blue/light blue, purple/lavender, dark green/light green.
• Red and green (great for Christmas weddings)
• Yellow and red (The perfect feng shui pairing for harmony, good social standing, and wealth)
• Metallic colors (white, silver, gray, gold) with yellow
• Greens with blues are perfect together
• Blues with metal colors (white, silver, gray, gold) are well-suited for each other.

Color combinations that create bad luck:
• Greens and metallic colors (white, silver, gray, gold)
• Red and blue
• Black and red
• Green and yellow
• Yellow and blue
• Red and metallic. Metallic colors such as white, silver, gray, or gold metals are especially bad when they are paired with red.



Anonymous said...

why gold is bad luck when paired with red..just read from chinese tradition that gold is suitable to paired in confused..and how about for decoration? i want red and white balloons for it ok?

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