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long-distance marriage -- will it work?

Driven by tough economic times, married couples are often separated by distance in an effort to give the best to their children, i.e. they go abroad to earn $$$. My flippant solution to this? Don't have children!! Hehe! For sure, even at minimum wage, you can afford to live in the city with your life-long partner by your side ;-) Seriously though, will long-distance marriage work? In today's technology, I would say yes. There's email, there's text messaging, there's Skype and tons of other sites with free VOiP services (By the way, you can compare internet phone services and discover the difference Spectrotel services offer. Know more about the company through Spectrotel's profile here.) that will bridge the communication gap due to distance. No more loneliness and yearning to hear your loved ones' voices or see them in person! With a phone or computer, one click will treat your homesickness =)

However, in the same breath, I will say that long-distance marriage will not work due to this same available technology and due to the liberalization of our society's norms. With email, text, chat, cheap voice calls and such, it will be so easy to connect with someone else. And better yet, it will be very easy to find someone NEAR you to connect with. For sure, it would take all your willpower not to succumb into an affair in a foreign land but hey, I'm a realist -- we are all just humans and sometimes we just need another human's warmth. No matter if s/he's not your wife or hubby. Not that I'm condoning cheating on your spouse but really, these are the multitude of sacrifices you must both endure to feed your family =( That's why I heartily applaud those who remained faithful to their spouses despite the time and distance between them. For me they are the unsung heroes of our country -- morally and financially-speaking! ;-)

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