For Better or Worse..

win a FREE wedding and be a reality show star!

Wow, you'll be hitting two of your fondest dreams with one stone! LOL! ;-) In this day and age, anything for FREE sounds good. And to women, if the free item is their dream wedding, there will definitely be a Battle Royale! Add to that the fact that winning the free wedding will make her a star, or at least a popular "pop culture icon of the moment", then there's just no way in this world that she won't try her damndest to win! ;-)

Here's the scoop: MySpace (yes, the social network that Facebook overtook) is now accepting submissions for “Married on MySpace,” an online reality TV series that will let engaged couples receive the “wedding of their dreams” planned by and shared with MySpace users. Yup, that's the caveat: your dream wedding isn't exactly just your "dream" as it will be planned by millions of MySpace users through voting!

The good news is, premier wedding site The Knot, will be on hand to provide editorial content and wedding planning expertise. Whew, thank god for that! The contest is co-sponsored by Disney, who is releasing “The Proposal” soon with Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds. And MySpace is also partnering with Endemol, the company that Big Brother and Fear Factor. I'm sure four huge and respectable companies can make your dream wedding come true ;-)

More scoop: after submissions have ended, MySpace members will chose their favorite couples. Once a finalist has been selected, members will continue to vote on elements of the wedding, including what the bride and groom will wear, the wedding location, etc, etc. “Married on MySpace” is a 13-episode series that will debut online in May and conclude in early August with the wedding ceremony. Here's the trailer:


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