For Better or Worse..

can CLSS enrich your marriage?

YES, I firmly believe so! ^_^ Last May 8, on our 7th wedding monthsary, Labsie and I attended the 3-day Catholic Life in the Spirit Seminar (or CLSS) for 3 days. I thought it was great that we're doing something important to celebrate our monthsary rather than just eating out as per the usual =) CLSS is all about renewing your faith, healing your spirit (which is very helpful if you have negative family and relationship issues) and receiving the Holy Spirit. The event was held in St. Francis Xavier Major Seminary (REMASE), Catalunan Grande, Davao City and was organized by the Oasis of Love - Davao, a charismatic community where my parents have been members for several years.

Now, why do I believe that the Catholic Life in the Spirit Seminar enriches marriages and your other relationships? Because if it touched you and reconnected you with the Lord, you are now enabled to do the right Christian things -- to your spouse, parents, siblings and friends. It's been one week since Labsie and I had CLSS, and so far we are closer than ever to each other and to the Lord ^_^ As with all couples, we have problems with regards to "third parties", and my sweet hubby confided that he learned in CLSS (and from Bo Sanchez's book) a trick to keep his eyes from straying: he'll just imagine sexy women as MEN IN SKIRTS! LOL! I just hope he won't see ME as such, after all I'm a sexy gal! ;-)



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