For Better or Worse..

The bride becomes a bridesmaid..

Yeah, funny huh?? And what's even funnier, this is my first time to be a bridesmaid for a non-relative! My close friends are all still single kasi, LOL! ^_^ I previously wrote about this in my other blog more than a month ago and you can see there I was pretty excited about it. Hehe! And last Saturday, the wedding of Basil and Gladys was finally celebrated. And I once again walked down the aisle.. ;-) That's me at left. The entourage wore deep red gowns and I did my own hair (pulled it back like a ponytail) and "makeup" using Avon oil-control powder as foundation and red lip liner for my lipstick and eye shadow. I think my face turned out alright despite my meager makeup arsenal, LOL!

What I liked about the whole wedding ceremony (it wasn't a Catholic ceremony so things were new to me) was the pastor's sermon. I picked up a lot of marriage tips that will surely help me and my hubby in our married life. The top two "tips" that I'll remember for the rest of my life are these: NEGLIGENCE is a marriage killer and NOURISHMENT is a marriage builder. Under the latter is to stay with your partner for the first two years of your marriage. Gladys married a pastor and the pastor who officiated the wedding said without qualms that the groom should not take any heavy pastoral duties in the early part of their marriage. I wholeheartedly agree with this! In fact, this is the reason why I didn't rush into medical residency after passing my Physician Licensure exam last year. For me marriage is a lifetime commitment that supersedes my career.

The officiating pastor also said that the couple should stay together always if possible. He said that if there's no need to work abroad, don't! Stay with your spouse and your family. Again, I agreed with him on this. I know so many married couples who are well off financially and yet they take Nursing (and other courses that makes it easy for them to go abroad) just so they can earn dollars. But to what end? More money? Is money really more valuable than being with your family? -_- The pastor was really a good speaker: he was funny, articulate and his sermon carried a lot of weight. I'm sure he'd do well in HR consulting Mexico, LOL! You know how it is working in the Human Resources department, you gotta be firm with labor decisions but at the same time fun and cool with the workers. I must say being a pastor is great training for working in HR or even the management! Anyway, to Basil and Gladys -- have a happy marriage and love each other always! ^_^


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