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Emotional Affairs: the new cheating game

This might be a WEDDING blog but I deal with MARRIAGE issues too. After all, as I wrote previously, what comes after the wedding is more important. And what's after is marriage -- which should last for a lifetime, at least in theory. LOL! :p Most marriages these days (and other love relationships as well) end because of cheating or infidelity. With the advanced digital technology, straying from your partner has never been easier. There's e-mail, texting, instant messaging, social networks, actually just about everything on the Internet is an infidelity bait. There's even a US website that exclusively offers affairs to married people. Dang! -_-

What is scary in all of these is that cheating these days need not be physically consummated. You can chat with someone over the internet, share your daily life, tell him all your marital problems, grow close to him, and yet since you have never met him personally, you had never sex with him. So you assume it's not cheating. But it must be said IT IS STILL CHEATING and this type is called as having an EMOTIONAL AFFAIR. Very deceiving but as destructive as sexual affairs. As I'm not an expert on this topic, I feel these articles would be more helpful to you than paranoid me prattling about cheating:

** CNN: Could you be having an emotional affair?
People enmeshed in nonsexual affairs preserve their "deniability," convincing themselves they don't have to change anything. That's where they're wrong. If you think about it, it's the breach of trust, more than the sex, that's the most painful aspect of an affair and, I can tell you from my work as a psychiatrist, the most difficult to recover from.

** I Thought I Could Trust Him…
"Each night after the kids go to bed, my WH (wandering husband aka the one who cheated in the marriage) and I have time together to just sit and watch TV. And of course, that's when my questions start. And his lack of answers. Every night."


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