For Better or Worse..

get married in Juliet's balcony!

You're Juliet and he's your Romeo.. and you want a better ending to your love story than what Shakespear wrote. So, what do you do? What else but get married on the balcony in the 13th century mansion thought to be the home of the Capulets! Hehe! The 13th century mansion of the Cappello family -- believed to be the Capulets of William Shakespeare's tragic play "Romeo and Juliet" -- has for years been a place of pilgrimage for lovers worldwide. Now, Verona's town council is offering couples a chance to wed in ^_^

In the photo above, local soccer player Luca Ceccarelli kisses his wife Irene Lanforti after getting married at the Casa in last June 1, 2009. They are the first couple to ever marry there. SWEET! And if you want get married in Juliet's balcony, here are the rates: a normal civil wedding license in Italy costs about 45 euros ($64) but for non-European citizens the Verona license will cost nearly 900 euros, with EU non-Verona couples paying approximately 700 euros.