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Sunnypoint Function Plaza wedding packages

I noticed that many visitors in this blog are searching for the wedding packages offered by Sunnypoint Function Plaza. I think they arrived here coz I have a couple of posts that mentioned this wedding reception venue but, unfortunately for them, I didn't mention any of their wedding packages. The good news is, this new post will correct that problem =) You can click here for other Davao City wedding reception venues.

Sunnypoint Function Plaza was established in 1995 and is located in Maa, Davao City. The company is known to be a specialist in arranging weddings, debuts, anniversaries, and birthdays. They offer everything from favors to reception to accommodation to gowns to hosts, etc, etc. It's no wonder why busy couples or debutantes hire them to arrange their special day.

Aside from a one-stop wedding (or occasions) package, you can't also beat Sunnypoint Function Plaza's freebies, gimmicks, and price. If I weren't so OC about my own wedding, I would have chosen them -- they give the best price value for all the services they offer! And no, I'm not paid to write this, I just want to inform the people of their positive points =) Anyway, here are Sunnypoint's wedding packages:

Wedding Package A (most expensive)
Clarissa Hall Venue (smaller of the 2 halls)
50 persons - P62,000.00
100 persons - 75,000.00
150 persons - 88,000.00
200 persons - 101,000.00

David Hall Venue
100 persons - P80,000.00
150 persons - 93,000.00
200 persons - 106,000.00
250 persons - 119,000.00
300 persons - 132,000.00
350 persons - 145,000.00
400 persons - 158,000.00

Food (12 Entrees)
bread, soup, salad, appetizer, beef dish, pork dish, chicken dish, fish dish, pasta, vegetable dish, dessert, steamed rice, bottomless drink

Wedding Package B - 10 entrees
Wedding Package C - 8 entrees

Wedding Package D
(cheapest package)
Clarissa Hall Venue
50 persons - 38,000.00
100 persons - 51,000.00
150 persons - 64,000.00
200 persons - 77,000.00

David Hall Venue
100 persons - 56,000.00
150 persons - 69,000.00
200 persons - 82,000.00
250 persons - 95,000.00
300 persons - 108,000.00
350 persons - 121,000.00
400 persons - 134,000.00

Food (6 Entrees)
bread, soup, beef OR pork dish, chicken OR fish dish, pasta OR vegetable dish, dessert, steamed rice, bottomless drink

SunnyPoint Function Plaza website
Phone: (63) (82) 2440562 / 2441736



LivingSouL said...

Sir! Ikaw man d i ni! Hahaha... nag search2 kog wedding package! Wehehehehe

Anonymous said...

Hi, sa site kasi ng sunny point walang package D, yun sana i try ko kase pina ka mura for 200 pax. sana meron nga.