For Better or Worse..

2 weeks to our 1st wedding anniversary..

And we just got the best gift ever: Labsie and I are 3 months pregnant! Hubby is very thrilled while I'm quite ambivalent about it. After all, we planned to have a baby after 3-4 years of marriage. And we're still on our first year. Tsk! But hey, God thought we're ready to be parents so here we are: unexpectedly expecting our first bundle of joy! ^_^

On a side note, two posts from August and 1 post from early September will now be published below. We wanted to wait until we're 3 months pregnant to announce publicly that we're expecting and these 3 posts contained references to our pregnancy that's why I didn't publish it yet. Also, you can see our old our baby is in the right side =)

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