For Better or Worse..

our baby blog is up! =)

And here are the first trimester posts! Well, actually, it's below the ultrasound photo (our first look of our sweet baby!). We're currently on the fifth month of pregnancy and so far, me + hubby + baby are doing great ^_^ We know you want a bolder paper person -- err, productive wedding blogger -- but it just can't be helped. Pregnancy is overwhelming! Especially for people who are not ready to have kids.. Hubby and I may be married (which is an altogether different kind of lifelong commitment) but it doesn't follow we're ready to raise children. One thing I can say: so help us God! ;-) As for this wedding blog, I'll be updating more frequently -- first trimester nausea and sluggishness is over and I'm more than happy to blog again!
Weeks 1 - 6: The First 6 Weeks
Science Stuff: First Trimester Recap


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