For Better or Worse..

Destination Wedding: Las Vegas! Hello casinos and bright lights!

Did you know that Las Vegas celebrates 120,000 weddings in a year? And did you know that the Vegas Strip (see below) has the most number of hotel rooms per square area anywhere in the world?? That two facts make Vegas one of the most exciting places in the US and the world to get married in! Imagine saying "I Do" where you’d see the Eiffel Tower with a pirate ship, a volcano and a beautiful show fountain nearby -- yep, all in one city! As the people in the desert state of Nevada say, it’s only in Vegas baby! ^_^ The big question: is getting married in Las Vegas for you and your partner?


If you want to get married quickly and have some fun immediately after, then Vegas is for you! Think Britney Spears marrying her childhood sweetheart and getting divorced mere hours later -- kidding! Hehe! :p Anyway, the primary draw of a Las Vegas wedding is that its cheap. You can have a complete wedding ceremony for a few hundred dollars in a quaint chapel and have Elvis Presley perform the ceremony for you. Plus if you're short on time, some wedding chapels even accept walk-in couples! And less than an hour later, you can start your honeymoon -- fast, easy and convenient!

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However, if you're the traditional type, a Las Vegas wedding probably is not for you. Though the place can be a great honeymoon destination -- think of all the themed casinos with slot games, poker tables and other machines you can spend your money on! :p Plus there are amazing shows like the awesome Cirque de Soleil's LOVE or shows from your favorite performers like Celine Dion and Barry Manilow. And if you want some cultural lesson, you can go to the Springs Reserve and learn all about the history of Las Vegas. Yep, this glittering city of Nevada really has it all! Perfect for destination weddings and honeymoons if you're into F-U-N!