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my daily routine

Most of my employed friends often ask me what do I do whole day at home. Do I get bored? Why don’t I get fat despite my limited physical activity? Do I have plans to proceed with medical residency? They have lots of questions and I really don’t have an answer for most. So here’s the next best thing, my daily schedule right now (it changes with hubby’s work sked) ---

- 530am: wakeup & cook breakfast
- 6am: eat breakfast with hubby, see him off to work then I check my emails for urgent stuff
- 7am: back to sleep
- 10am: wake up, do household chores, eat morning snack, play with our pups & dogs
- 11am: watch TMZ / Insider Edition, go online (Facebook / Twitter, work, play in online casinos for real money, read med stuff)
- 12nn: watch CSI / Jay Leno Show / Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien, eat lunch, feed dogs if I feel up to it (if not, just play with them), wait for hubby’s call =)
- 1pm: TV is off, laze / work online or sleep or read new books & mags
- 3pm: watch 7th Heaven, still online, afternoon snack
- 4pm: prepare and cook dinner, check what’s needed to be done in our home
- 530pm: watch local news, prepare for hubby’s arrival (wives should smell good when their husbands arrive! hehe)
- 630pm: early dinner, cleanup kitchen, feed dogs, watch national news
- 8pm: HAPPY HOUR! anything goes here =)
- 10pm: hubby’s bedtime, I’m usually still watching AXN shows
- 11pm-12am: my bedtime


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