For Better or Worse..

our 2010 material wishlist

I really put "material" there coz we have other wishes for 2010 that can't be bought, and can just be given by Lord as His blessing =) Without further ado, here's our small family's material wishes:

1. The Sims 3: World Adventures (the first expansion pack!)
2. 500gb external hard drive (or 1 terabyte if you can afford it, hehe)
3. baby stuff for age 6-9 months.. in PINK please! ^_^
4. two netbooks or laptop if it fits your budget ;-)
5. gift certificate to Stahl Eye Center so Labsie and I can finally have LASIK and have our eyes corrected =) you can also opt to sponsor the surgery if you're that loaded, hehe
6. money!!! lots of it!

P.S. LASIK is an acronym for "laser in situ keratomileusis" and means the use of a laser to (re)shape the intact, living cornea so the eye can focus light more accurately. This then reduces or eliminates the need for us to use glasses or contact lenses. And the best part is, surgery recovery can be as little as a few hours! Awesome!


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