The bride becomes a bridesmaid..

Yeah, funny huh?? And what's even funnier, this is my first time to be a bridesmaid for a non-relative! My close friends are all still single kasi, LOL! ^_^ I previously wrote about this in my other blog more than a month ago and you can see there I was pretty excited about it. Hehe! And last Saturday, the wedding of Basil and Gladys was finally celebrated. And I once again walked down the aisle.. ;-) That's me at left. The entourage wore deep red gowns and I did my own hair (pulled it back like a ponytail) and "makeup" using Avon oil-control powder as foundation and red lip liner for my lipstick and eye shadow. I think my face turned out alright despite my meager makeup arsenal, LOL!

What I liked about the whole wedding ceremony (it wasn't a Catholic ceremony so things were new to me) was the pastor's sermon. I picked up a lot of marriage tips that will surely help me and my hubby in our married life. The top two "tips" that I'll remember for the rest of my life are these: NEGLIGENCE is a marriage killer and NOURISHMENT is a marriage builder. Under the latter is to stay with your partner for the first two years of your marriage. Gladys married a pastor and the pastor who officiated the wedding said without qualms that the groom should not take any heavy pastoral duties in the early part of their marriage. I wholeheartedly agree with this! In fact, this is the reason why I didn't rush into medical residency after passing my Physician Licensure exam last year. For me marriage is a lifetime commitment that supersedes my career.

The officiating pastor also said that the couple should stay together always if possible. He said that if there's no need to work abroad, don't! Stay with your spouse and your family. Again, I agreed with him on this. I know so many married couples who are well off financially and yet they take Nursing (and other courses that makes it easy for them to go abroad) just so they can earn dollars. But to what end? More money? Is money really more valuable than being with your family? -_- The pastor was really a good speaker: he was funny, articulate and his sermon carried a lot of weight. I'm sure he'd do well in HR consulting Mexico, LOL! You know how it is working in the Human Resources department, you gotta be firm with labor decisions but at the same time fun and cool with the workers. I must say being a pastor is great training for working in HR or even the management! Anyway, to Basil and Gladys -- have a happy marriage and love each other always! ^_^


the dream wedding

All girls have their fairytale dreams of finding their own Prince Charming and getting married in an exquisite one-of-a-kind wedding. As for me, it came as a surprise that I had (and found) my own Prince Charming coz I never thought I would need a guy in my life. But since the good Lord gave him to me (and me to him), we made the most out of our relationship. Thus, we eventually found ourselves talking about our dream wedding. I’m not so much into grand weddings. All I wanted was a private, solemn ceremony in a quiet, gorgeous place. In my college years, I wanted a wedding on a cliff overlooking the sea. I want to hear the sea waves crashing and air rushing in my ears. Obviously I’ve since mellowed down. Hehe! Here’s what I dreamt...

I wanted a quaint chapel with a beautiful garden in a quiet town with elegant interiors and a gorgeous altar where we will say our vows.

After the solemn wedding, we will proceed to the reception area. Inside or outside doesn’t matter. If my mood wants a formal reception, I would opt for an indoor reception (left). Otherwise, an outdoor reception would be the unique way to go!

After the tiring reception, it’s time to rest in a soothing and romantic suite. Honeymoon time!!

The next morning, we wake up to a spectacular view…
…and decide to have a refreshing dip in a dazzling pool or sea!

And here ends my dream wedding storytelling. Hehe! By the way, if you want something like this for your own wedding, check out hotel Estancia in San Jose del Cabo in Mexico City. If you must know, Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt (of "The Hills" fame) got married in Cabo ;-) That's about it. I hope you enjoyed the pretty pictures above!


used books for sale!

The Dragonlance books are listed in chronological order (according to story timeline). Contact me at 09177041028 or just leave a message here ^_^ I'm also open to trade, Labsie and I are avid Dragonlance collectors! If you want school books at cheaper prices, you can buy used college textbooks at Valore Books. With the current economic crisis, we would all do well selling our old stuff and instead of buying new items, get the pre-loved things which are much cheaper.

preludes vol 6: tanis the shadow years (no front cover) - P10

meetings sextet:
* vol 2: wanderlust (tas, flint, tanis) - P130
* vol 5: steel & stone (tanis, kitiara) - P130

war of the twins (1986 first printing artwork) - P120
the second generation (children of the heroes of the lance) - P150
dragons of summer flame (chaos war, 600+ pages long) - P180

dragons of a new age trilogy (dragons ruled krynn when the gods left):
* vol 1: dawning of a new age (small tear at upper right cover) - P100
* vol 3: eve of the maelstrom - P120

bertrem's guide to the war of souls vol 2 (short stories) - P130

defenders of magic trilogy vol 1 - night of the eye (with plastic cover) - P120

heroes vol 3: weasel's luck (torn covers) - P10


get married in Juliet's balcony!

You're Juliet and he's your Romeo.. and you want a better ending to your love story than what Shakespear wrote. So, what do you do? What else but get married on the balcony in the 13th century mansion thought to be the home of the Capulets! Hehe! The 13th century mansion of the Cappello family -- believed to be the Capulets of William Shakespeare's tragic play "Romeo and Juliet" -- has for years been a place of pilgrimage for lovers worldwide. Now, Verona's town council is offering couples a chance to wed in ^_^

In the photo above, local soccer player Luca Ceccarelli kisses his wife Irene Lanforti after getting married at the Casa in last June 1, 2009. They are the first couple to ever marry there. SWEET! And if you want get married in Juliet's balcony, here are the rates: a normal civil wedding license in Italy costs about 45 euros ($64) but for non-European citizens the Verona license will cost nearly 900 euros, with EU non-Verona couples paying approximately 700 euros.


Sunnypoint Function Plaza wedding packages

I noticed that many visitors in this blog are searching for the wedding packages offered by Sunnypoint Function Plaza. I think they arrived here coz I have a couple of posts that mentioned this wedding reception venue but, unfortunately for them, I didn't mention any of their wedding packages. The good news is, this new post will correct that problem =) You can click here for other Davao City wedding reception venues.

Sunnypoint Function Plaza was established in 1995 and is located in Maa, Davao City. The company is known to be a specialist in arranging weddings, debuts, anniversaries, and birthdays. They offer everything from favors to reception to accommodation to gowns to hosts, etc, etc. It's no wonder why busy couples or debutantes hire them to arrange their special day.

Aside from a one-stop wedding (or occasions) package, you can't also beat Sunnypoint Function Plaza's freebies, gimmicks, and price. If I weren't so OC about my own wedding, I would have chosen them -- they give the best price value for all the services they offer! And no, I'm not paid to write this, I just want to inform the people of their positive points =) Anyway, here are Sunnypoint's wedding packages:

Wedding Package A (most expensive)
Clarissa Hall Venue (smaller of the 2 halls)
50 persons - P62,000.00
100 persons - 75,000.00
150 persons - 88,000.00
200 persons - 101,000.00

David Hall Venue
100 persons - P80,000.00
150 persons - 93,000.00
200 persons - 106,000.00
250 persons - 119,000.00
300 persons - 132,000.00
350 persons - 145,000.00
400 persons - 158,000.00

Food (12 Entrees)
bread, soup, salad, appetizer, beef dish, pork dish, chicken dish, fish dish, pasta, vegetable dish, dessert, steamed rice, bottomless drink

Wedding Package B - 10 entrees
Wedding Package C - 8 entrees

Wedding Package D
(cheapest package)
Clarissa Hall Venue
50 persons - 38,000.00
100 persons - 51,000.00
150 persons - 64,000.00
200 persons - 77,000.00

David Hall Venue
100 persons - 56,000.00
150 persons - 69,000.00
200 persons - 82,000.00
250 persons - 95,000.00
300 persons - 108,000.00
350 persons - 121,000.00
400 persons - 134,000.00

Food (6 Entrees)
bread, soup, beef OR pork dish, chicken OR fish dish, pasta OR vegetable dish, dessert, steamed rice, bottomless drink

SunnyPoint Function Plaza website
Phone: (63) (82) 2440562 / 2441736


Emotional Affairs: the new cheating game

This might be a WEDDING blog but I deal with MARRIAGE issues too. After all, as I wrote previously, what comes after the wedding is more important. And what's after is marriage -- which should last for a lifetime, at least in theory. LOL! :p Most marriages these days (and other love relationships as well) end because of cheating or infidelity. With the advanced digital technology, straying from your partner has never been easier. There's e-mail, texting, instant messaging, social networks, actually just about everything on the Internet is an infidelity bait. There's even a US website that exclusively offers affairs to married people. Dang! -_-

What is scary in all of these is that cheating these days need not be physically consummated. You can chat with someone over the internet, share your daily life, tell him all your marital problems, grow close to him, and yet since you have never met him personally, you had never sex with him. So you assume it's not cheating. But it must be said IT IS STILL CHEATING and this type is called as having an EMOTIONAL AFFAIR. Very deceiving but as destructive as sexual affairs. As I'm not an expert on this topic, I feel these articles would be more helpful to you than paranoid me prattling about cheating:

** CNN: Could you be having an emotional affair?
People enmeshed in nonsexual affairs preserve their "deniability," convincing themselves they don't have to change anything. That's where they're wrong. If you think about it, it's the breach of trust, more than the sex, that's the most painful aspect of an affair and, I can tell you from my work as a psychiatrist, the most difficult to recover from.

** Oprah.com: I Thought I Could Trust Him…
"Each night after the kids go to bed, my WH (wandering husband aka the one who cheated in the marriage) and I have time together to just sit and watch TV. And of course, that's when my questions start. And his lack of answers. Every night."