2 weeks to our 1st wedding anniversary..

And we just got the best gift ever: Labsie and I are 3 months pregnant! Hubby is very thrilled while I'm quite ambivalent about it. After all, we planned to have a baby after 3-4 years of marriage. And we're still on our first year. Tsk! But hey, God thought we're ready to be parents so here we are: unexpectedly expecting our first bundle of joy! ^_^

On a side note, two posts from August and 1 post from early September will now be published below. We wanted to wait until we're 3 months pregnant to announce publicly that we're expecting and these 3 posts contained references to our pregnancy that's why I didn't publish it yet. Also, you can see our old our baby is in the right side =)

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our wedding AVP ^_^

AVP = audio-visual presentation and it seems to be the trend these days to show it during the wedding reception. Usually, an AVP has childhood photos of the bride and groom plus their fun couple photos. Photo and video professionals usually charge P3000 and up for an AVP -- too expensive for us! Thus, we made our own.. Hope you like it! ^_^