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Labsie and I first met in 1999 and hit it off instantly. We were into the same things: music (though it hates me, LOL), computers, books, gaming and tech. It also helped we came from the same family background and were raised quite similarly. I can truly say we started out as friends and as we got to know each other more, we knew we have to be together for the rest of our lives. It took us nine years to finally get married (mostly due to financial reasons) but it was all worth it! =)

Of course the road to our wedding wasn't easy. As most couples, we experienced problems during our second, fifth and seventh years of togetherness. And that's not counting the usual lovers' quarrels that we seem to have every time I'm PMSing, hehe! I guess the key to our love's success is that we never gave up, that we anticipated problems and created solutions for it, that we always turned to the Lord for help. It also helped that our families were not in our way and they supported our relationship.

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To Labsie -- my best friend, lover, partner for the past 10 years and husband of one year -- I adore you so. Thank you being the best person you can be for me and our future children. I thank God every day for blessing me with your love and devotion. As I have said years before, you are my piece of heaven here on earth, and I am proud to be carrying your child. I shall be your loving and supportive wife till the end of our lives. Te amo Daddy! ^_^


should the bride wear pearls on wedding day?

For some reason, I'm getting inquiries about wedding traditions. I know I have a wedding blog but I don't write about traditions and pamahiins so this is gonna be the first =) The most common wedding tradition inquiry I've received was whether a bride should wear pearls on her wedding day or not. I really don't know the answer to this one as I received conflicting info from my relatives and my mother-in-law. My MIL said I should not wear pearls because that would meant me shedding lots of tears in our married life. My relatives, meanwhile, believed that I should wear a teardrop-shaped pearl earrings on my wedding day. That way, all the tears will be shed on that day and I would shed none during our married life.

Conflicting right? So what did I do? I wore a pair of teardrop-shaped earrings but it wasn't made of pearl. Rather it was made of tri-color gold. That way, I didn't offend my MIL and I still sort of followed my relatives' advice ^_^ On a sidenote, I discovered that my uber-gorgeous wedding bouquet contained some faux pearls. Though I didn't "wear" these pearls (I just sort of carried them via the bouquet), I think it's working -- Labsie and I have a happy marriage so far! Hehe!

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Pearls symbolize love, success, happiness, modesty, chastity and purity. Thus, the Greeks believe it will promote marital harmony. The pearls are worn to “take away the bride’s tears” and to ensure a happy marriage without tears. In most Western countries, wearing pearls is a family tradition where a strand of pearls is passed from one generation to the next and worn by the bride on her wedding day. However, in Filipino, Italian and Mexican cultures, wearing pearls is frowned upon as it will bring tears after the we dding day.

But, if you love pearls, there's no sense in believing it will cause a tear-filled marriage. Wear them if you wish too! If your pearls are as beautiful as the ones in OrientalPearls.net, then be proud in wearing them on your wedding day! =) The said website has the world's largest online market of freshwater pearls and I super-love their designs! They offer pearls in any color, size and shape, and it can be custom-made to jewelry in 14K Gold or 92.5% Silver. The best thing about Oriental Pearls? They sell their retail products at wholesale prices! NICE!