For Better or Worse..

bride's emergency kit

One week to go and I'm gonna walk down the church aisle again -- this time as a matron of honor in my bestfriend's wedding! I'm super excited coz this is my first time to be a matron ("maid" if I were still single, hehe) of honor. And even if I'm seven months pregnant, I'll try to help my bestfriend any way I can during the church ceremony and wedding reception =) For today, I'll share what should be included in a bride's emergency kit:

- Nail file
- Nail polish in the bride's shade
- Makeup and loose powder (for retouches)
- Straws (for drinking without messing up lipstick)
- Extra stockings
- Hairspray
- Brush and comb
- Bobbypins and hair elastics
- Hairdryer
- Antacids and Cheap Tramadol (for tummy aches & headaches )
- Eye-drops (to reduce eye redness due to happy tears, hehe)
- Tissues and hankies
- Lint brush
- Earring backs
- Iron


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