For Better or Worse..

i'm back!!

Where have I been? When you're pregnant and is in the third trimester, there's only one answer to that question -- sleeping in our BED! Hehe! Seriously, I've been hibernating since I hit the eight month of my pregnancy. After hubby leaves for work, I just sleep the whole morning then wake up for lunch. If I feel good (no contractions, no backache, not sleepy, etc), I do household chores and go online. Sometimes I arrange our bedroom (I do this little by little) to accommodate baby Iya's stuff. However, it's hard moving furnitures when you're very much pregnant so our bedroom is basically just the same even up to now :p

Anyway, lately, I have been very busy online -- buying baby clothes and other items from eBay, Multiply and other online stores. I have also been researching travel stuff coz I'm itching to have R & R after I gave birth. For sure I'll use the expedia coupons a friend emailed me awhile back -- it would certainly save us a lot! A friend asked me whether buying online is cheaper than buying in malls, the answer is a resounding YES! Most of the baby stuff I bought were more than 50% cheaper than in retail stores. Also, for more savings and to avail free shipping, you can use coupons that online stores give away =)

Guess that's about it for now.. Hope to blog more before our baby girl comes out. Worse comes to worse, you'll probably hear from me for sure by March to announce Iya's arrival ^_^ For now, I bid you good day! Hehe!


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