For Better or Worse..

Till death do us part..

Or till nursing homes do us part? I know, I know.. Such a bleak topic for a wedding blog but this is part and parcel of marriage -- you know, the thing that comes after your dream wedding? Hehe! As I've said before, what comes after the wedding is more important than having your ultimate grandiose wedding. Sure, you got your fairytale ceremony and reception but horror of horrors, you failed to talk with your hubby about finances, having kids, religion, growing old and where you'll be in your twilight years, etc, etc prior to the wedding. End result? Lots of misunderstandings and heartaches in the marriage. It might even end -- all because you didn't talk about important stuff prior to the wedding.

Anyway, earlier this day, I watched a documentary about old married couples who were separated unnecessarily when their kids decided to put them in nursing homes. Just imagine spending more than 50 years with your loving spouse doing everything together then s/he's snatched away from you and s/he's not dead! What a heartache! =( One couple, who owned a successful cleaning franchise, related how their kids got tired of taking care of them thus sending them off to nursing homes. I was appalled! I couldn't do that to my parents -- they're the ones who took care of me when I was still unable to do anything on my own, then even as an adult they were always there. This kind of devotion can only be repaid by taking care of them in their twilight years.. I wouldn't dream of separating them through nursing homes! -_-


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