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Destination Wedding: Macau! More than just casinos..

Macau may be known as Asia's gambling capital or Vegas of the East but its so much more than that! I've been there for our second honeymoon and believe me, it's a great place for romantic weddings or proposals ^_^ Of course, the casinos there are superb attractions on their own and even a non-gambler like me (I do play online casino games but just for fun and not to gamble :p) was impressed with their efficiency and grandeur. Anyway, if you're into online casinos, poker and other games, go check out TX Casino Games -- they rate the best casino games and websites on the Internet for addicted players like you :p

So what's in Macau aside from casinos? Tons of luxury hotels, museums and historical sites! And if you're an adrenaline junkie, there's the Macau Tower for your bungee jumping purposes ;-) Imagine getting married while bungeeing in the air! Supah fun and your wedding will definitely be one-of-a-kind! Also imagine getting married along the canals of The Venetian Macau -- sooo romantic! And you need not spend Euros to get that authentic atmosphere of Venice ;-) And if you and your future partner is into history, why not get married in Macau's beautiful old churches? Or maybe St. Paul's awesome church ruins is more to your liking. Yup, that's its below -- beautifully preserved for your upcoming wedding! ;-)
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