For Better or Worse..

CHOOSE: get lucky in online casinos or in love?

I'm sure most of the sentimental "fools" will choose get lucky in love (i.e. marry soulmate) while "mature" practical people will choose get lucky in online casinos (i.e. win lotsa money!!). But if you're smart, you'd choose BOTH. Who said you can't be both successful in love and in your finances? Hehe! :p Anyhoo, moving on to the point of this post..

In today's world, women are not just after finding the love of their life, they want to have financial stability too. Thus, more often than not, these women work hard so they can spend on anything they want without having to ask for their boyfriend or husband's money. Also, these women decided beforehand that before getting married, she should be financially secure (of course, the guy should be too). This is just in case that if the marriage will fail, she will not be left destitute with nothing to fall back on. While this kind of thinking is unromantic, it is very wise. Empowering even. And I'm all for it!

Unromantic as it may sound, being financially stable is the best thing you and your partner can "do" to have a successful marriage. In today's materialistic society, lacking money to buy the basic stuff plus shiny new toys can little by little break your marriage. Love is NOT enough to have a long-lasting marriage. But remember, money is NOT also everything. As with all things in this world, a successful marriage is a combination of many things, all done in moderation ^_^

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