baby Iya's here! ^_^

After 9 long months, our firstborn is finally here! And no, we don't need a fancy birth announcement to trumpet her arrival to the world, a post about baby Iya in all of my 5 personal blogs will do. Hehe! That's how we do it in the Internet age baby! ;-) Anyway, that's her below. She’s 3 days old there and oh-so cute! *pinches Iya's cheeks* Our daughter, Iya Elycia S. Elbanbuena, was born on March 20, 2010 at 9:48pm in Brokenshire Integrated Hospital Ministries, Inc. via normal delivery. She weighed 5.7lbs or 2.6kg, same as my birth weight 28years ago =) I was in labor for around 24 hours (or more accurately, admitted for 24 hours) before I gave birth to our princess. See, I had epidural anesthesia (for "painless" delivery) and that delays the birthing process. Anyhoo, all is well now and we're just enjoying our sleepless nights with her :p

Having a baby is perhaps the most challenging thing I ever did. Truth is, I never wanted to have a kid coz I know that would end my nice and easy life. But the Lord had different plans and to my husband's delight, I got pregnant on the ninth month of our marriage. A lot of baby announcements were sent out as our family and relatives were also waiting for us to get pregnant :p And as we celebrated our 1 year and 6 months of blissful togetherness, Labsie and I received baby Iya. Talk about perfect timing -- in the first 9 months of our marriage, we were a family of 2; in the second 9 months, we were the pregnant married couple; and now as we enter the third 9 months, we are a family of 3. I wonder what the fourth 9 months will bring? Our second child?? *shudders* -_-

Anyway, talking about birth announcements, I tried making one at HelloLucky.com -- that's it below. So pretty in pink huh?? Love it! And I so love the site! Hello Lucky is a premier designer of letterpress wedding invitations, greeting cards, birth announcements and stationery. They offer Christmas cards, birthday cards, party invitations, wedding shower invitations, baby shower invitations, and even Halloween cards. If you need retro wrapping paper, custom birth announcements, a unique party invitation, bridal shower invitation, or an engaging greeting card, their website is the place to go to! As you can see with Iya's birth announcement, you can customize what you put in your invite. That's total control and we all know that's what makes OC moms (like me) and party planners go wild with happiness! ^_^