should we switch to a Wordpress theme?

This wedding blog of ours is around three years old. And though I find our cute mostly-white Blogger theme adequate, I sometimes dream of switching to a more polished wedding theme. Maybe even switch to Wordpress as it has more amazing templates that have options for total customization. As it is I'm looking at several websites that offer FREE Wordpress themes. Yep, Your wordpress templates site should offer free themes before I'll even consider visiting it, LOL! :p But, of course, I'm not saying I won't pay for an excellent wedding template. After all, it's for the betterment of this blog. Anyway, if you have a Blogger or Wordpress wedding blog template, please contact me. I just might use it! ^_^


CHOOSE: get lucky in online casinos or in love?

I'm sure most of the sentimental "fools" will choose get lucky in love (i.e. marry soulmate) while "mature" practical people will choose get lucky in online casinos (i.e. win lotsa money!!). But if you're smart, you'd choose BOTH. Who said you can't be both successful in love and in your finances? Hehe! :p Anyhoo, moving on to the point of this post..

In today's world, women are not just after finding the love of their life, they want to have financial stability too. Thus, more often than not, these women work hard so they can spend on anything they want without having to ask for their boyfriend or husband's money. Also, these women decided beforehand that before getting married, she should be financially secure (of course, the guy should be too). This is just in case that if the marriage will fail, she will not be left destitute with nothing to fall back on. While this kind of thinking is unromantic, it is very wise. Empowering even. And I'm all for it!

Unromantic as it may sound, being financially stable is the best thing you and your partner can "do" to have a successful marriage. In today's materialistic society, lacking money to buy the basic stuff plus shiny new toys can little by little break your marriage. Love is NOT enough to have a long-lasting marriage. But remember, money is NOT also everything. As with all things in this world, a successful marriage is a combination of many things, all done in moderation ^_^

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finding the right wedding photographer

In two days, my other bestfriend will walk down the aisle and say I DO to her soulmate. And yes, I'm a matron of honor again -- as with my bestfriend #1's wedding last January ^_^ And of course, I helped a bit in the wedding preparation. I wasn't able to do much coz I just had a baby and I'm breastfeeding her on demand, i.e. I'm my daughter's slave. Hehe! Anyway, I guess one of my "important contribution" to my BFF #2's wedding is their choice of wedding photographer. They so love him and his crew during my wedding two years ago that they decided to get him without researching on other wedding photographers. Good for them!

My hubby and I, on the other hand, had a hard time finding the "right" wedding photographer back then. We wanted the best one in our city but we can't afford him (figures, LOL) so we had to find someone in our price range but will also do a great job. Our solution? Find up and coming talented wedding photographers: talented = great photos, up and coming = fee is still affordable, hehe! ^_^ Anyway, here are tips on how to choose a wedding photographer:

1. Most important: how much are you willing to pay the photographer? Your budget will determine the wedding photographers you can hire.
2. Ask your family and friends for referrals. This is what my BFF #2 did. With this, you can be assured that the wedding photographer will do a good job. Well, if s/he is consistent that is :p
3. Decide what style of wedding photography you want. Some couples want their photos to be quirky and artsy while others want formal and classic pictures.
4. When you finally find a wedding photographer that you can afford, does your photo style and has a good track record, meet him/her in person before you book. Sometimes you might not like the photographer's attitude and your wedding photo sessions will not be as smooth and joyous as it should be. It's important you get along so you will have great photos ^_^


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