my other bestfriend's wedding!

Last January, I wrote about my bestfriend's wedding wherein I was the matron of honor and our other bestfriend (BFF #2) is the maid of honor. Around a month ago, May 8 to be exact, BFF #2 got married herself! As usual I was the matron of honor along with BFF #1. Yep, we have gone full circle as these two were my maidens of honor in my October 2008 wedding. That's the three of us below.. ^_^
with our soulmates =)

Anyway, BFF #2 got married to the man of her dreams in cold and scenic Eden Nature Garden and Resort. The wedding ceremony was in a quaint chapel liberally decorated with white calla lilies and other white flowers. The wedding reception, on the other hand, was held in the resort’s highest point. It was a very lovely affair, the perfect beginning to my BFF #2’s forever with her soulmate. And the best thing? All but one of our high school barkada were present in the wedding! Yep, that's us below. Long live CJS-3! ;-)
Yes, I'm the one carrying the baby on right! In my BFF #1's wedding last January, I was 7 months pregnant. In this wedding, I'm a mom with a 6-weeks old baby! How time flies! =) I initially had reservations in bringing baby Iya with us (I've heard of baby travel horror stories!) but we really didn't have any choice as my parents were also participants in my BFF #2's wedding. We have no one to leave baby Iya with.. Anyhoo, my fears were for nothing coz our baby girl behaved perfectly. She just slept through the wedding prep down to the reception -- such a very good girl!
Of course, Labsie had so much to do with Iya's great disposition. That day, my hubby showed that he is a very excellent babysitter! Hehe! Now I'm having family vacation ideas, no qualms at all traveling with Iya as long as hubby is with us. We just have to make sure we pack everything Iya needs: baby sunglasses, toys, milk, clothes, diapers, etc, etc. Missing one baby item is a big no-no! The rule of the thumb when traveling with babies is PACK EVERYTHING! Anyway, to my BFFs, go hurry up and have babies already! Iya needs a playmate soon! ^_^