do you have a wedding photo album?

Last Sunday, my bestfriend who got married last May stopped by our house and gave my share of photos from her wedding. I was uber-excited to see the pictures coz it was our baby Iya's first outing. It was also my first public appearance since I gave birth and I was quite happy with my body after 6 weeks of being a mom. Hehe! If you wanna read how it went (and how I look like, LOL), see my only post last June ^_^

Anyway, back to the wedding photos. As I said I was very excited to see it. I was also excited to see my bestfriend's wedding photo album. For me, the high price we paid for our wedding photographer package (which included a crystal album, lots of loose pictures, framed huge photos, CDs and DVDs) was well worth it. Truth be told, next to the wedding reception expense, the photographer's fee was the most expensive. But it was worth every penny coz we absolutely adored our wedding album! I can't wait to flip through it with Labsie when we'll be 50 years married.. =) Thus my excitement in viewing other couples' wedding photo albums, hehe!

Unfortunately, my bestfriend did not bring hers last Sunday. Huhu! I hope next time she drops by our house, she'll have it. It would be sooo good to reminisce the wonderful wedding they had in Eden Nature Park and Resort. Such a great, great place to have a wedding! Cool mountain air, lots of pretty pine trees, awesome views and yummy food! Anyway, here's a lovely shot from her wedding reception to end this post: