renewed our domain name! :)

While this wedding blog of ours is currently "just" hosted for free on Blogger, I pay for its domain name every year. I think this is the only personal blog of mine that has its own domain name~ which is not surprising because this is a very special blog :) Our domain name is www.solito-elbanbuena.info -- the first name is my surname and the second one is hubby's surname. We chose .info instead of .com because this blog was made to provide information to our wedding guests. This blog is where we chronicled how we planned our wedding last 2008, this is where we posted our wedding pictures and honeymoon posts, and this is where we first introduced our baby girl last March 2010. Indeed this is a very special blog! Spending $10 a year for its domain name is just peanuts considering the blog's sentimental value :)

Currently I'm planning a big move~ transforming this personal wedding blog to a full-fledged website that will offer up-to-date information regarding Davao City's wedding business. I have received many inquiries about wedding planning in Davao and though I am able to provide help, my information is still lacking. Often I tell those who seek my help to just call up the wedding businesses themselves to get the current and up-to-date prices and wedding packages. Anyway, in line with the plan to transform this blog, I am looking for an affordable and reliable website host. I previously blogged about web-hosting weeks before so I won't go into it anymore. I know managing a website is a hassle as compared to just using a free blog platform, but hey, I really feel this is the next step up for our wedding blog!