For Better or Worse..

Birthday Challenge Day 1 :)

(challenge source - thank you!)

Interesting fact #1 -- I superrr love The Sims! During my college days, I literally stayed up whole night playing this game and going to school groggy :p Now there's The Sims 2, 3 and Medieval for PC and other The Sims games for other gaming platforms. That's how popular and addicting this game is!

Interesting fact #2 -- Had my first crush when I was 5years old and his name was Mark, LOL! ;-) He was dark-skinned and we were together in a group declamation number. I still have our group picture, hahaha! I don't think my family knew I had a crush when I was this young :p

Interesting fact #3 -- Never wanted to have a boyfriend (only boytoys and crushes to serve as inspirations, LOL), get married and have kids! o_O Of course, the Fates / the Lord had a different plan for me. Sigh! Scratch that, make it "YAY!" After all, my life is now fuller with Labsie and Iya by my side :)

Interesting fact #4 -- When I have insect bites, the bite site will inflame and leave a scar even if I won't scratch it. The scars annoyed my mother so much when I was young coz girls should have flawless skins. She never believed that I don't scratch my bites. She only believed me when she saw Iya exhibiting the same problem. At least we're not keloid formers! There's always a silver lining eh? Hehe!

Interesting fact #5 -- I love to digiscrap (digital scrapbooking) but I never share my works in DS sites and forums -- until Mabelle of myDigiStyle came along :) Click the link and you can view my scrapped pages (the ones labelled "Issa"). For me digiscrap is better coz I don't like the mess traditional scrapping entails. I'm a messy person already, more mess just means longer cleanup. Ugh! Hehe!


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