For Better or Worse..

Birthday Challenge Day 2!


This should have been a short post but I'm gonna do two approaches on this :) First, I'm gonna share why I was named "MELISSA" by my parents. Second, we'll delve into ancient languages to see what my name *really* means in its original context. Ready? Let's go! ^__^

I was born on the year 1981. In those days, the popular international singers in the Philippines were balladeers and those who sung melodramatic love songs. Among the singers was one Melissa Manchester and yep, my parents got my name from her :) According to Wikipedia, her popularity soared in 1978-79 with her "Don't Cry Out Loud" song. But I associate her most with the very lovely song "(Looking) Through The Eyes Of Love" released in 1979-80. I super duper adore this song until now, really beautiful ^__^ Anyway, even though I was named after a great singer / artist, I'm terrible at singing! My father says I sing in monotone, like I'm reciting a poem, LOL! But that's okay, I have other talents, hehe! But even though I suck at singing, I still enjoy singing along catchy songs. Be warned though, stay away when I sing if you don't want your day to be ruined, hahaha! :p

Now that we've covered where I got my name, let's find out what "MELISSA" really means.. When I was in high school, a kiosk existed in Victoria Plaza and JS Gaisano where they will print your name, its meaning and other wonderful (made-up) stuff about you in a very beautiful piece of paper that you can frame. It was very popular that time and I wanted so bad to have one. Unfortunately it was expensive, more than P100 and I only have a P20 baon + fare everyday. December came and I had an amazing idea, I asked my manito to give me the name-meaning paper and / or the first album of Code Red (PHIL!!), my fave boyband ever! Hehe! To my utter delight, he gave me both! Aldwin Ang -- you might not remember having me as your manita in third year HS, but if you're reading this -- thank you so much for giving me everything that I wanted for Christmas! ^__^

So what was the meaning of my name? MELISSA means honey bee in Greek :) The paper went to explain that girls with this name are sweet by nature but when angered, they will sting and they will sting hard. That time, I thought it was a very accurate description of me! I'm usually "good and sweet" but if you irritate me with your nonsense, you'll be the receiving end of my badass-ness :p Now, at nearly 30 years old, I can definitely say I'm a honey bee, I make sweet stuff (nurturing) but I'm deadly. So, don't mess with me 'kay? Hehe!


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