For Better or Worse..

Birthday Challenge Day 27 :)


I'm not really sure if I have a fashion style coz I just wear what I want, with no regards to what's "uso" (popular) or what is "in". As long as it's comfortable, it fits me right and / or colored pink, I'll wear it. Hehe! I rarely buy my own clothes or shoes (though I'm quite addicted to buying stuff for our baby Iya, hehe) and my closet is a mishmash of high school grunge, college Iskolar ng Bayan look, dresses with wide / V-necks from my pregnancy and (still) breastfeeding days. I don't wear makeup, jewelries or any accessories. My ears, neck, arms, fingers are all bare. Yes, even my wedding ring I don't wear. I'm just not used to wearing anything on my body. If I had the choice, I'd go naked, hehe!
Why I don't wear accessories! >.<  The white shirt and red pants would have been fine (but still inappropriate for jungle stream trekking, LOL) but coupled with maong hat + camouflage backpack = disaster! Toinks!
The most "fashionable thing" I've ever done was wear different colored shoes (neon orange and lime green) during my college days. I bet some of my schoolmates will remember that but not my name, LOL! My black prom dresses and pink debut gown were all bought off the rack from department stores (and they were all less than P700!). My debut gown has seen many uses ~ I used it in our save-the-date card pictorial, assorted formal occasions, and during my oath-taking as a professional medical doctor. I guess I can best describe my style as practical ~ my clothes have to be multipurpose. Words like casual, very individual (I'll wear hot pink or red pants, hehe), laidback and comfy also describes my fashion style. I guess you could say "I'm just not that into you fashion" ;-)


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