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Birthday Challenge Day 3


I am a very picky and very loyal person. Thus, it's not a surprise I have very few friends :) In fact, I can count with one hand the friends I can trust 100%. Yes, ONE hand! I am *that* picky, hehe! I am not really sure why I am this way. Maybe I'm like the prairie vole who mate for life, i.e. once I found that special person/s (bestfriend, barkada, mate), that's it for me ^__^ These are the people I consider my friends even though we don't / won't see each other for months / years:

- John Nunez (Grade 3, Laguna) ~ Our mothers were friends from way back and we were classmates. We had so much fun in school, playing in our village, and having family travels together! We stayed in contact via Friendster, still have to look him up in Facebook.
- Nikki Cajita-Balili (Grade 4-5, Iligan City) ~ We were Top 2 in our batch but we were never competitive with each other :) She's a really kind, smart and beautiful person inside and out. We're in contact through FB until now.
- Erein Balolong, Lady Diana Dizon, Jinky Cocalon (Grade 6, Davao) ~ Smart and beautiful girls. I had a short time with them but we stayed in contact through college and during our special days :) Jinky, incidentally, is also part of my HS barkada.
- Pisay KADA (Jinky Cocalon, Chin Ferraren, Reynald Caberte, Pen Jagonase, Sophia Suarez, Charo Marasigan, Pia Velasco, Melanie Seno) ~ The first 2 are my BFFs, they never fail to crack me up! Hehe! The other 6 are the rest of my high school barkada. When we're all together, expect lots of laughter and VERY LOUD conversations ;-) Here are the KADA wedding links: Charo, mine, Jinky, Chin, Sophia (upcoming post!) .
- BioKids (Ediflor Rosales, Shalimar Nebab) ~ They were my college roommates. I learned a lot from their lives, and habits. They've been through a lot (especially lovelife, LOL) but their optimism and enthusiasm for life never wavered. I especially miss Edi's wisecracks and Shabby's OC-ness, hehe!

- Reagan Villanueva, Lobert Padua, Suzette Jadan (first 3 are on the pic above), Jay Fajardo, Anmari Tabucan, Group4 ~ My medical school classmates who made it the acads fun! :) I miss all our craziness so much!! I wasn't around much in school activities and classes (sshhh! hehe) but more than made up for it by bonding with these awesome people. Jay & Gan, I miss our impromptu joyrides (Buda, Jack's Ridge, etc)!! An (my forever partner in medical clerkship) and Suzi, thanks for helping me survive the 24-hour duties and toxic doctors :p
- 2007 BIHMI PGIs ~ Too many to mention! Around 17 people in all, hehe! You can check our FB page here. Special mention to Vera Sojor and Neil Laquihon, my post-grad internship groupmates, who helped me finish my internship amidst all the toxicities. I could not count the number of times I wanted to quit and just go travel my life away. Thanks to their support, I managed to go on, hehe!


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