For Better or Worse..

Birthday Challenge Day 4 :)


What can I say? My family is my rock, they are the most important persons in my life! We may have super loud arguments every now and then in the most public places (100% embarrassing I know, LOL) but at the end of the day, I wouldn't trade them for anybody else in the whole wide world :) We are one quirky family but its our quirkiness that makes us an awesome one! Enjoy reading and Just click on the small pictures to enlarge it.

Let's start with my father, who I fondly call "Papa" ~ like all daughters, I adored him when I was growing up. I was a "Papa's girl" which is not surprising coz I'm the only daughter, hehe! Papa worked hard since he graduated from college to give us a good life and help his family in the province too. But even though he was busy with work, he was with us every night (except when he's traveling) and bonding with us. Papa is family oriented, we came first and also his Kidapawan family :) I have always thought that Papa was the "disciplinarian" of our family. He was the one who got to use the belt if Mama's discipline can't get through our naughtiness. In retrospect, I think Mama was the ultimate disciplinarian and Papa was just used to elicit fear ~ like if we won't still behave, "wait for your Papa to get home and you'll really get it" :p

Now, my mother.. Words can't describe how I feel about Mama, LOL! She's really everything to me ~ my role model, my mentor, my friend, my enemy (the fights we had during my teen years are absolutely insane, LOL) and most recently, our baby Iya's second mom :) Mama is a beauty freak, a trait / habit that I *luckily* didn't inherit, hehe! I think it must have been frustrating for her to have one daughter and one who doesn't like to dress up, beautify herself, care about her looks at that! At least she has 2 granddaughters to prettify now ;-) Mama is a college cum laude but she gave up a promising career to become a supermom ~ she singlehandedly raised us 3 kids (with some help every now and then) in various cities of the Philippines. When Papa was transferred coz of work, our family always followed. That's the reason why I went to 4 different schools in my 6 years of elementary o_O And that's also the reason why we're a very close-knit family and why MY FAMILY WILL ALWAYS COMES FIRST TO ME no matter what :) Mama and Papa sacrificed everything for us, it is just fitting that I repay them back. Though it may not seem so to them that I harbor this sentiment given my suplada attitude to them, hehe!

We are 3 kids in all, I'm the eldest and the only girl. I should have been treated like a dainty princess but *sad* to say that was not the case ~ my two younger brothers always beat the crap out of me when we were growing up, even until now ~ ggrrr! All I could do was pinch them back in the most painful places, hehe! Also, being the eldest, I am by default always at fault when there are quarrels. I should have squelched the fight before it started or took the moral high ground (and not fight back) or just called Mama asap or.. the list goes on. Bottomline: I am at fault no matter what I did. But all's not hell when you have 2 brothers ~ for one thing, we always had fun! And I can play with their toys (but they can't play with mine lest they risk being labeled as gay, hehe) and get to play rough games. My parents are very protective of me (only girl!) but because I'm the eldest, I have to watch over the "kids" and in the process, get down and dirty with them. YEEHA! ^__^

Last but not the least: my very own family consisting of Labsie and our baby Iya! Labsie was my first boyfriend, my first everything actually :) He is the love of my life, my reason for being, my own piece of heaven here on earth ~ now he is my ex-bf a.k.a. husband, hehe! You can read all about our love story in this wedding blog of ours and in my personal blog HERE. We have been through a lot and we are always thankful to God for keeping the flames of our love alive for nearly 12 years :) As for Iya, what can I say? Labsie and I were unprepared for her arrival but we are coping quite well. Also, our lil girl is such a joy to be with! She never fails to makes us smile and be happy about life ^__^ We love you so much Iya.. I hope and pray you'll grow up to be a beautiful person, inside and out!


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