For Better or Worse..

Birthday Challenge Day 29


My first immediate goal is to wean Iya, she has been breastfeeding (BF) for 16 months now and showing NO signs of slowing down! Which is weird since she's *finally* okay drinking non-human milk (from cup) and eats solid food very well. I don't know if she's just clinging to BF for comfort or she's just simply not yet ready to wean (I believe in baby-led weaning). This first goal of mine is the most important coz I can't proceed to my other future goals if this is not done.

After Iya is weaned, I will *finally* go into residency ~ this is the specialty training for medical doctors that usually lasts for 3-5 years, depending on the hospital and type of specialty chosen. I love anything related to the human nervous system (brain, spinal cord, etc) and would love to be a neurologist! But since I'm a very hands-on type of mom, I have to find a less busy / toxic / stressful specialty to train in so I would have time to be with Iya during her childhood :)

My ultimate goal is to keep our family intact, stay happily married to Labsie and to see Iya grow up to be a beautiful person inside and out. My other plans include going to space (!!!), go on a Disney cruise with my family, travel to the Old World and have enough money to pig out on their gustatory delights. YUM! Hehe!


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