For Better or Worse..

it's JULY!! :)

And that only means one thing in our family-- MY BIRTHDAY!! ^__^ And since I'm celebrating my big 3-0, for the first time in my blogging "career", I'm gonna do a 30-day post challenge for the entire month of July! Of course, the posts will all be about me, hehe :p The posts will run from July 2 to 31 in this wedding blog of ours. For now, take a look of my previous birthdays as immortalized in my blogs:

2007: Post #1 and Post #2 (it should have been a 6-post series but I ran out off blogging steam, hehe)
2009: I honestly can't remember what I did for my 2009 birthday! And to think it was my first birthday as a married woman! In my personal blog, I posted the summary of our wedding and honeymoon posts 1 day before my birthday but no word on what I did on my 28th birthday. Hhmmm.. Then here's another July post that mentioned my birthday briefly-- Coffee Cat bonding --but still no word on how I celebrated it. Lemme check my Twitter and FB, maybe I had posts there!

EDIT: No wonder I didn't remember my birthday, it's coz the entire Tan clan (my mother's side) celebrated my grandmother's birthday here in our home! Our birthdays are just one day apart and often, my birthday gets lost amidst Lola Elding's birthday, LOL! I don't mind though coz she's a real tough cookie, raising 10 kids after her hubby died. Here's my Twitter post and here's a blurred snapshot as we blew her birthday cake:

2010: My first birthday as a mother!! My Twitter birthday post, I sounded happy! ^__^
2011: SOON! Hehe!


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