Birthday Challenge Day 30 :)



Hehehe! :p Seriously, you can tell who I am by going here: gplus.to/melissasolito ^__^ Everything that I am is on the right side of the ABOUT page. Thanks for being with me the past 30 days! Can't believe I finished a 30-day blogging challenge.. I hope it's a sign that I'm now able (and mature enough) to finish projects in a timely manner now that I'm 30 years old, married, and a mother to one toddler ;-) Thanks again Wilkin for coming up with this 30-Day Challenge!


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Birthday Challenge Day 29


My first immediate goal is to wean Iya, she has been breastfeeding (BF) for 16 months now and showing NO signs of slowing down! Which is weird since she's *finally* okay drinking non-human milk (from cup) and eats solid food very well. I don't know if she's just clinging to BF for comfort or she's just simply not yet ready to wean (I believe in baby-led weaning). This first goal of mine is the most important coz I can't proceed to my other future goals if this is not done.

After Iya is weaned, I will *finally* go into residency ~ this is the specialty training for medical doctors that usually lasts for 3-5 years, depending on the hospital and type of specialty chosen. I love anything related to the human nervous system (brain, spinal cord, etc) and would love to be a neurologist! But since I'm a very hands-on type of mom, I have to find a less busy / toxic / stressful specialty to train in so I would have time to be with Iya during her childhood :)

My ultimate goal is to keep our family intact, stay happily married to Labsie and to see Iya grow up to be a beautiful person inside and out. My other plans include going to space (!!!), go on a Disney cruise with my family, travel to the Old World and have enough money to pig out on their gustatory delights. YUM! Hehe!


Birthday Challenge Day 28!


This is easy! Hehe! Physically, I really like guys with big and brooding eyes, the kind that draws you in their depths. Labsie's eyes are like that, hehe! A strong looking body (but not really muscled) and nice smile also attracts me. But what attracts me most to a guy is his gift of gab, i.e. he can hold long-winded conversations with me. The topics? Anything under the sun! I don't like one-trick pony guys, like jocks who only talk about sports or nerds who just talk about books. I want to talk about anything and everything so it's best if you have many interests and passions ^__^


Birthday Challenge Day 27 :)


I'm not really sure if I have a fashion style coz I just wear what I want, with no regards to what's "uso" (popular) or what is "in". As long as it's comfortable, it fits me right and / or colored pink, I'll wear it. Hehe! I rarely buy my own clothes or shoes (though I'm quite addicted to buying stuff for our baby Iya, hehe) and my closet is a mishmash of high school grunge, college Iskolar ng Bayan look, dresses with wide / V-necks from my pregnancy and (still) breastfeeding days. I don't wear makeup, jewelries or any accessories. My ears, neck, arms, fingers are all bare. Yes, even my wedding ring I don't wear. I'm just not used to wearing anything on my body. If I had the choice, I'd go naked, hehe!
Why I don't wear accessories! >.<  The white shirt and red pants would have been fine (but still inappropriate for jungle stream trekking, LOL) but coupled with maong hat + camouflage backpack = disaster! Toinks!
The most "fashionable thing" I've ever done was wear different colored shoes (neon orange and lime green) during my college days. I bet some of my schoolmates will remember that but not my name, LOL! My black prom dresses and pink debut gown were all bought off the rack from department stores (and they were all less than P700!). My debut gown has seen many uses ~ I used it in our save-the-date card pictorial, assorted formal occasions, and during my oath-taking as a professional medical doctor. I guess I can best describe my style as practical ~ my clothes have to be multipurpose. Words like casual, very individual (I'll wear hot pink or red pants, hehe), laidback and comfy also describes my fashion style. I guess you could say "I'm just not that into you fashion" ;-)


Birthday Challenge Day 26


I rarely play my iPod (the old kind, 1st or 2nd gen, I think) or any other music player on shuffle. I prefer that the songs are ordered, with those the same themes playing one after the other. Yeah, I'm kinda OC that way. Even music, which is supposed to be a freeform art, should be ordered :p Anyway, the last time I played my iPod on shuffle, the first 10 songs that played are the following:

- Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat's "Lucky" ~ it was one of our wedding reception cocktail songs :)
- Norah Jones' "Come Away With Me" ~ I looove Norah's songs!! I wish she'll release an album again
- Eve 6's - "Here's To The Night‏" ~ one of my fave songs back in college, I used to play this continuously along with  Creed's "With Arms Wide Open" and Vertical Horizon's "Best I Ever Had". Yep, just 3 songs on loop whole day long :p
- Michael Buble's "Fever" ~ old school music!
- Shania Twain's "You're Still The One" 
- George Michael's "Careless Whisper" ~ really love this song! Til it turned into a sex scandal theme song c/o Hayden Kho and Katrina Halili :(
- Backstreet Boy's "Quit Playing Games with my Heart" ^_____^
- New Order's "Bizarre Love Triangle"
- Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance"
- Ronan Keating's "When You Say Nothing At All"


Birthday Challenge Day 5!


Fake people / plastic persons / back stabbers -- something I really hate. If I don't like you, I won't talk to you or be friendly. I might even say to your face that I don't like you. So please, if you don't like me, DON'T PRETEND to like me and act friendly towards me! ;-)

Anyway, below are the links of the previous Birthday Challenge posts. Thanks again to Wilkin for coming up with a 30-Day Challenge. Days 6-10 will be hosted in my personal blog at yes, it's ME! See you there!


Birthday Challenge Day 4 :)


What can I say? My family is my rock, they are the most important persons in my life! We may have super loud arguments every now and then in the most public places (100% embarrassing I know, LOL) but at the end of the day, I wouldn't trade them for anybody else in the whole wide world :) We are one quirky family but its our quirkiness that makes us an awesome one! Enjoy reading and Just click on the small pictures to enlarge it.

Let's start with my father, who I fondly call "Papa" ~ like all daughters, I adored him when I was growing up. I was a "Papa's girl" which is not surprising coz I'm the only daughter, hehe! Papa worked hard since he graduated from college to give us a good life and help his family in the province too. But even though he was busy with work, he was with us every night (except when he's traveling) and bonding with us. Papa is family oriented, we came first and also his Kidapawan family :) I have always thought that Papa was the "disciplinarian" of our family. He was the one who got to use the belt if Mama's discipline can't get through our naughtiness. In retrospect, I think Mama was the ultimate disciplinarian and Papa was just used to elicit fear ~ like if we won't still behave, "wait for your Papa to get home and you'll really get it" :p

Now, my mother.. Words can't describe how I feel about Mama, LOL! She's really everything to me ~ my role model, my mentor, my friend, my enemy (the fights we had during my teen years are absolutely insane, LOL) and most recently, our baby Iya's second mom :) Mama is a beauty freak, a trait / habit that I *luckily* didn't inherit, hehe! I think it must have been frustrating for her to have one daughter and one who doesn't like to dress up, beautify herself, care about her looks at that! At least she has 2 granddaughters to prettify now ;-) Mama is a college cum laude but she gave up a promising career to become a supermom ~ she singlehandedly raised us 3 kids (with some help every now and then) in various cities of the Philippines. When Papa was transferred coz of work, our family always followed. That's the reason why I went to 4 different schools in my 6 years of elementary o_O And that's also the reason why we're a very close-knit family and why MY FAMILY WILL ALWAYS COMES FIRST TO ME no matter what :) Mama and Papa sacrificed everything for us, it is just fitting that I repay them back. Though it may not seem so to them that I harbor this sentiment given my suplada attitude to them, hehe!

We are 3 kids in all, I'm the eldest and the only girl. I should have been treated like a dainty princess but *sad* to say that was not the case ~ my two younger brothers always beat the crap out of me when we were growing up, even until now ~ ggrrr! All I could do was pinch them back in the most painful places, hehe! Also, being the eldest, I am by default always at fault when there are quarrels. I should have squelched the fight before it started or took the moral high ground (and not fight back) or just called Mama asap or.. the list goes on. Bottomline: I am at fault no matter what I did. But all's not hell when you have 2 brothers ~ for one thing, we always had fun! And I can play with their toys (but they can't play with mine lest they risk being labeled as gay, hehe) and get to play rough games. My parents are very protective of me (only girl!) but because I'm the eldest, I have to watch over the "kids" and in the process, get down and dirty with them. YEEHA! ^__^

Last but not the least: my very own family consisting of Labsie and our baby Iya! Labsie was my first boyfriend, my first everything actually :) He is the love of my life, my reason for being, my own piece of heaven here on earth ~ now he is my ex-bf a.k.a. husband, hehe! You can read all about our love story in this wedding blog of ours and in my personal blog HERE. We have been through a lot and we are always thankful to God for keeping the flames of our love alive for nearly 12 years :) As for Iya, what can I say? Labsie and I were unprepared for her arrival but we are coping quite well. Also, our lil girl is such a joy to be with! She never fails to makes us smile and be happy about life ^__^ We love you so much Iya.. I hope and pray you'll grow up to be a beautiful person, inside and out!


Birthday Challenge Day 3


I am a very picky and very loyal person. Thus, it's not a surprise I have very few friends :) In fact, I can count with one hand the friends I can trust 100%. Yes, ONE hand! I am *that* picky, hehe! I am not really sure why I am this way. Maybe I'm like the prairie vole who mate for life, i.e. once I found that special person/s (bestfriend, barkada, mate), that's it for me ^__^ These are the people I consider my friends even though we don't / won't see each other for months / years:

- John Nunez (Grade 3, Laguna) ~ Our mothers were friends from way back and we were classmates. We had so much fun in school, playing in our village, and having family travels together! We stayed in contact via Friendster, still have to look him up in Facebook.
- Nikki Cajita-Balili (Grade 4-5, Iligan City) ~ We were Top 2 in our batch but we were never competitive with each other :) She's a really kind, smart and beautiful person inside and out. We're in contact through FB until now.
- Erein Balolong, Lady Diana Dizon, Jinky Cocalon (Grade 6, Davao) ~ Smart and beautiful girls. I had a short time with them but we stayed in contact through college and during our special days :) Jinky, incidentally, is also part of my HS barkada.
- Pisay KADA (Jinky Cocalon, Chin Ferraren, Reynald Caberte, Pen Jagonase, Sophia Suarez, Charo Marasigan, Pia Velasco, Melanie Seno) ~ The first 2 are my BFFs, they never fail to crack me up! Hehe! The other 6 are the rest of my high school barkada. When we're all together, expect lots of laughter and VERY LOUD conversations ;-) Here are the KADA wedding links: Charo, mine, Jinky, Chin, Sophia (upcoming post!) .
- BioKids (Ediflor Rosales, Shalimar Nebab) ~ They were my college roommates. I learned a lot from their lives, and habits. They've been through a lot (especially lovelife, LOL) but their optimism and enthusiasm for life never wavered. I especially miss Edi's wisecracks and Shabby's OC-ness, hehe!

- Reagan Villanueva, Lobert Padua, Suzette Jadan (first 3 are on the pic above), Jay Fajardo, Anmari Tabucan, Group4 ~ My medical school classmates who made it the acads fun! :) I miss all our craziness so much!! I wasn't around much in school activities and classes (sshhh! hehe) but more than made up for it by bonding with these awesome people. Jay & Gan, I miss our impromptu joyrides (Buda, Jack's Ridge, etc)!! An (my forever partner in medical clerkship) and Suzi, thanks for helping me survive the 24-hour duties and toxic doctors :p
- 2007 BIHMI PGIs ~ Too many to mention! Around 17 people in all, hehe! You can check our FB page here. Special mention to Vera Sojor and Neil Laquihon, my post-grad internship groupmates, who helped me finish my internship amidst all the toxicities. I could not count the number of times I wanted to quit and just go travel my life away. Thanks to their support, I managed to go on, hehe!


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Birthday Challenge Day 2!


This should have been a short post but I'm gonna do two approaches on this :) First, I'm gonna share why I was named "MELISSA" by my parents. Second, we'll delve into ancient languages to see what my name *really* means in its original context. Ready? Let's go! ^__^

I was born on the year 1981. In those days, the popular international singers in the Philippines were balladeers and those who sung melodramatic love songs. Among the singers was one Melissa Manchester and yep, my parents got my name from her :) According to Wikipedia, her popularity soared in 1978-79 with her "Don't Cry Out Loud" song. But I associate her most with the very lovely song "(Looking) Through The Eyes Of Love" released in 1979-80. I super duper adore this song until now, really beautiful ^__^ Anyway, even though I was named after a great singer / artist, I'm terrible at singing! My father says I sing in monotone, like I'm reciting a poem, LOL! But that's okay, I have other talents, hehe! But even though I suck at singing, I still enjoy singing along catchy songs. Be warned though, stay away when I sing if you don't want your day to be ruined, hahaha! :p

Now that we've covered where I got my name, let's find out what "MELISSA" really means.. When I was in high school, a kiosk existed in Victoria Plaza and JS Gaisano where they will print your name, its meaning and other wonderful (made-up) stuff about you in a very beautiful piece of paper that you can frame. It was very popular that time and I wanted so bad to have one. Unfortunately it was expensive, more than P100 and I only have a P20 baon + fare everyday. December came and I had an amazing idea, I asked my manito to give me the name-meaning paper and / or the first album of Code Red (PHIL!!), my fave boyband ever! Hehe! To my utter delight, he gave me both! Aldwin Ang -- you might not remember having me as your manita in third year HS, but if you're reading this -- thank you so much for giving me everything that I wanted for Christmas! ^__^

So what was the meaning of my name? MELISSA means honey bee in Greek :) The paper went to explain that girls with this name are sweet by nature but when angered, they will sting and they will sting hard. That time, I thought it was a very accurate description of me! I'm usually "good and sweet" but if you irritate me with your nonsense, you'll be the receiving end of my badass-ness :p Now, at nearly 30 years old, I can definitely say I'm a honey bee, I make sweet stuff (nurturing) but I'm deadly. So, don't mess with me 'kay? Hehe!


Birthday Challenge Day 1 :)

(challenge source - thank you!)

Interesting fact #1 -- I superrr love The Sims! During my college days, I literally stayed up whole night playing this game and going to school groggy :p Now there's The Sims 2, 3 and Medieval for PC and other The Sims games for other gaming platforms. That's how popular and addicting this game is!

Interesting fact #2 -- Had my first crush when I was 5years old and his name was Mark, LOL! ;-) He was dark-skinned and we were together in a group declamation number. I still have our group picture, hahaha! I don't think my family knew I had a crush when I was this young :p

Interesting fact #3 -- Never wanted to have a boyfriend (only boytoys and crushes to serve as inspirations, LOL), get married and have kids! o_O Of course, the Fates / the Lord had a different plan for me. Sigh! Scratch that, make it "YAY!" After all, my life is now fuller with Labsie and Iya by my side :)

Interesting fact #4 -- When I have insect bites, the bite site will inflame and leave a scar even if I won't scratch it. The scars annoyed my mother so much when I was young coz girls should have flawless skins. She never believed that I don't scratch my bites. She only believed me when she saw Iya exhibiting the same problem. At least we're not keloid formers! There's always a silver lining eh? Hehe!

Interesting fact #5 -- I love to digiscrap (digital scrapbooking) but I never share my works in DS sites and forums -- until Mabelle of myDigiStyle came along :) Click the link and you can view my scrapped pages (the ones labelled "Issa"). For me digiscrap is better coz I don't like the mess traditional scrapping entails. I'm a messy person already, more mess just means longer cleanup. Ugh! Hehe!


it's JULY!! :)

And that only means one thing in our family-- MY BIRTHDAY!! ^__^ And since I'm celebrating my big 3-0, for the first time in my blogging "career", I'm gonna do a 30-day post challenge for the entire month of July! Of course, the posts will all be about me, hehe :p The posts will run from July 2 to 31 in this wedding blog of ours. For now, take a look of my previous birthdays as immortalized in my blogs:

2007: Post #1 and Post #2 (it should have been a 6-post series but I ran out off blogging steam, hehe)
2009: I honestly can't remember what I did for my 2009 birthday! And to think it was my first birthday as a married woman! In my personal blog, I posted the summary of our wedding and honeymoon posts 1 day before my birthday but no word on what I did on my 28th birthday. Hhmmm.. Then here's another July post that mentioned my birthday briefly-- Coffee Cat bonding --but still no word on how I celebrated it. Lemme check my Twitter and FB, maybe I had posts there!

EDIT: No wonder I didn't remember my birthday, it's coz the entire Tan clan (my mother's side) celebrated my grandmother's birthday here in our home! Our birthdays are just one day apart and often, my birthday gets lost amidst Lola Elding's birthday, LOL! I don't mind though coz she's a real tough cookie, raising 10 kids after her hubby died. Here's my Twitter post and here's a blurred snapshot as we blew her birthday cake:

2010: My first birthday as a mother!! My Twitter birthday post, I sounded happy! ^__^
2011: SOON! Hehe!