we're having a second baby!!

As you can see, I'm still addicted to Google Plus. If you haven't joined already, do so now! It's a great place to connect with people who have the same interests as you :) If you're planning a wedding, looking for wedding suppliers and wedding inspiration, you can find like-minded people in G+. And since this is powered by Google, the search function is awesome!! Try this one for an awesome pink wedding <-- click!

But I digress.. The main point of this post is to announce our second pregnancy ;-) Yep, we're pregnant again folks!! That explains my lack of updates the past few weeks (along with my G+ addiction) as I was in the first trimester, i.e. nausea and dizziness whole day and night *sigh* BUT, that's all over now! I'm now in the second trimester and full of energy so hopefully I can blog more :)