13 years of US ^__^

Unlucky 13? Nahh, more like whirlwind 13! ;-) I know I have not been updating this blog for quite some time now and it's all because of our hectic family life. After 4 years of marriage, we now have two kids-- and one is in her terrible twos stage. If you're a parent, you know what this entails, hehe! Also, we have just relocated temporarily to our country's capital. No family to help us with the kids, and no helpers or nannies as well. Between the 2 kids, the big move, and settling in, I really have no time to blog.

But just for today, I'll forgo a few minutes of sleep and blog! Why? Because today is our 156th couple monthsary a.k.a. 13th anniversary of our bf-gf relationship-- hurray for us! ^__^ And since my parents are not around to babysit our kids, we just brought them along to our dinner date earlier this evening (second pic: the collage). Yeah, not really very romantic, hehe! But it's all good coz we had an awesome fourth wedding anniversary a week ago sans the kids (first pic). See how beautiful we look? That's because we didn't have kids to watch over / feed / entertain while we reconnected as husband and wife :)

To my Labsie, my husband and father of my babies, I love you! Here's to more monthsaries and happy years together!