hello October!!

October has always been a big month for our family ~ it's the time when we celebrate our wedding anniversary, our couple anniversary, and hubby's birthday ^__^ For the past four years, we celebrate October by traveling. On our first year (2009), we went to Hong Kong and Macau. I was 4 months pregnant with our first child then. On our second year (2010), we went to Taipei; this time with a 6 month old baby in tow. It still remains as our best family vacation! Good food, good people, cheap prices. Gotta love Taiwan! :)

On our third year (2011), I was 4 months pregnant with our second child while taking care of a hyperactive 18-month old. This time we didn't travel outside of the country (have to save money for my second delivery) and opted to just have a staycation in Ortigas ~ a new place for us to hang out in Manila as we often stay in Makati. Little did we know that our Ortigas vacay is a preparation for our new life come October 2012. God really has a funny way of giving you a glimpse of His plans for your life ;-)

And so on our fourth year (2012), we now have two kids! One 6-month old baby and one 30-month old toddler. Also, hubby quit his job in Davao, and accepted a job in Manila. And that was how we came to have a looooong "vacation" in Ortigas ~ we actually moved to a condo near hubby's office and lived on our own for 6 months. No parents, in-laws, yayas to help us. My bro and his family was in nearby Taguig though so we still had family bonding :) By far, this "family vacation" had been the one with most lessons ~ mostly how to survive Manila (lol) and keeping your marriage intact even though you're very haggard from watching the kids and doing housework. The hard work was all worth it though! Our family of 4 is now tough as nails :p

One week from now, Labsie and I will celebrate our fifth wedding anniversary (2013). No travel plans this time, not even to Manila, as our finances are a bit tight. Who knew that tuition fee for toddlers are as much as 40k a year?!! Migosh! And we have 2 kids! And so, most of our hard-earned money this year went to kids' education fund. None went to our travel fund, boohoo! So what are our romantic anniversary plans given we're "stranded" in Davao? We'll probably eat out (fine dining perhaps?), catch a movie (in the luxurious GMall cinema), have some time off from the kids, be (just) a couple once again.. I just hope hubby has extra money for all of these! Haha!