A merry, merry Christmas to all of you! :)

Hi friends! :) Before anything else, I wanna thank you all for coming over to our wedding blog when I announced it's revival. To my Google+ family and FB friends, thank you so much for the support! To our new readers, do stay as we have content-rich posts coming up. I hope our wee blog can help you plan your future weddings, whether it's in Davao City or somewhere else ;-) And now, onto the main message of this post:

From our family to yours, Merry Christmas! And have a fantastic, Happy New Year as well! :) If this photo looks familiar to you, it's because it's my FB cover photo. I DID NOT DESIGN this (wish I know how!), it is a freebie template that I downloaded from one of the many digital scrapbooking websites I visited circa 2006-2013. Hihi! If you're the owner of this template, thank you! Kindly comment and I'll direct my readers to your blog.

As for our photos above, the family one is from early this year, in our Singapore family vacay. It was our first out of the country vacay since 2010! And that's because of tight budget. Two kids + middle class income = no extra money for leisure and recreation ;-) So if you're getting married soon, make sure your financial life is a-OK. Because having kids (they come after marriage right? haha) will mess it up! LOL! As for the other photo, that's from Christmas 2013. The girls are 3+ and 1+, both sooo adorable!

Once again, a lovely Christmas to all of you! Happy holidays and see you on 2015!


Davao Wedding Directory :: Reception Venue - Davao Resorts

Good day brides and grooms! Below is our current directory of Davao City resorts for wedding reception :) Resorts in IGACOS / Samal is not included as it's not part of Davao City anymore. Anyway, I personally checked the websites of the resorts below and it all works so best to visit it first before calling the resorts. We will continue to update this Davao wedding directory as new inland / mountain / ocean resorts pop up here in our beautiful city where you can hold your wedding reception. If you know of a resort that is not in this list, kindly comment or contact us so we can include it. Thank you! And if you're looking for the directory of Davao City hotels for wedding reception, go click!

One of the highest points of Davao City, overlooking Davao Gulf and Samal.

Address: KM. 9, Upper Ulas, Talomo, Davao City
Phone: +63.82.286-2151 and +63.82.295-3818
Mobile#: +6392850092414
Website: http://eagleridgeresort.webs.com
Email: davaoeagleridgeresort@yahoo.com

Sales Office: Matina Town Square, MacArthur Highway, Matina, Davao City
Resort: Toril Baranggay Road, Toril, Davao City
Phone: +63.82.299-1020 and +63.82.296-0791
Fax: +63.82.299-0313
Mobile#: +639189307590
Website: http://edennaturepark.com.ph
E-Mail: info@edennaturepark.com.ph

Address: Porras Street, Bo. Obrero, Davao City, Philippines
Phone: +630822286885
Website: http://www.ritzhoteldavao.com

Address: Shrine Hills, Matina, Davao City, Philippines
Phone: +63.82.297-8830 to 31
Fax: +63.82.297-6535
Website: http://www.jacksridgedavao.com
Email: info@jacksridgedavao.com

Sales Office: Puentespina Orchids Compound, Bolcan St., Agdao, Davao City
Resort: Brgy Malagos, Calinan, Davao City
Phone: +63.82.221-1545
Fax: +63.82.224-0173
Mobile#: +63917MALAGOS, +639176252467, +639228791240, +639998848659
Website: www.malagos.com
Email: sales@malagos.com

Address: Bago Aplaya, Talomo, Davao City
Phone: +63.82.298-4100 and +63.82.298-4101
Website: http://www.mergrande.com
Email: info@mergrande.com


say hi to our new blog!

The new blog's name? Davao Homeschooling Family :) I created it last November, and more than 5 posts later, it still doesn't have a header photo. Haha! It's because I'm still torn between using a stylized blog name (done in calligraphy preferably) or our family's photo. This blog is what actually jumpstarted my blogging mojo and led me to assess my old blogs, of whether they are worth reviving or not :) Obviously, this wedding blog made the cut so yay for that!

MADAYAW from Davao Homeschooling Family! :)

And yes, as you can surmise from the blog name, I write about homeschooling my kids there. But the blog is actually so much more! I'll be writing about my experiences in cooking, as a wife, our Davao life, and on and on :) The DHF blog (family life) is actually a continuation of my personal blog (single life) and this wedding blog (married life). Interested to delve deeper on how DHF came about? Read the blog's first post! Yes, that's the screenshot of it above.

I guess that's about it! If you followed this wedding blog of ours to plan your Davao wedding and now you're expecting a baby, read about Attachment Parenting, babywearing, breastfeeding, cloth diapering, and co-sleeping. It might lead to the best decisions you'll ever make in raising your baby and saving a lot of money! ;-) And if you have a big baby, toddler or kid already, follow Davao Homeschooling Family. You might fall in love with homeschooling and realize it's the best education path for you and your kids!


2015 lucky wedding dates for Hindus

One of the most popular posts here in our wedding blog is the one that listed lucky wedding dates according to the Chinese calendar. That post was 4 years old but still continues to receive traffic. Which only shows that brides and grooms really care to begin the first day of their married life on an auspicious date :) Here in Davao, we noticed an increased spike of Indian nationals (mostly Hindus) attending our schools and settling down in the city. And so, for our 2015 lucky wedding dates series, we will first share the auspicious Hindu wedding dates

January - 16, 18, 24, 25, 30
February - 6, 7, 8, 14, 15 20, 21, 22, 27
March - 8, 13, 21
April - no lucky wedding date
May - 1, 8, 9, 15, 30, 31
June - 5, 6, 12, 21
July - 8
August - no lucky wedding date
September - no lucky wedding date
October - no lucky wedding date
November - 22, 27
December - 4, 5, 6, 13

These are the Hindu lucky wedding dates on 2015 that falls on a Friday, Saturday and Sunday. We don't know if there are lucky dates for Mon-Thurs, or if Hindus even marry on those days. Best to consult with your Hindu leader :) Also, as you noticed, there no lucky dates on August - October. According to EnkiCharity.com, "To honor the gods’ yogic sleep—Chaturmas, marriage is banned from July 27th to November 22nd."  So there you have it, better to schedule your wedding on the early months of 2015 if you're a Hindu! :)


hello Davao brides, grooms and wedding planners

I have some good news for you: this Davao wedding blog will be (constantly) updated starting now, and throughout 2015! :) I can't promise a lot of posts but I will update at least once a month. The reason for this blog's revival? Google still sends a lot of traffic to it! Daily, it receives nearly a 100 views! It doesn't sound a lot (others have millions/day!) but the last time I wrote a post related to Davao weddings was 4 years ago! And since 2012, I only wrote one post a year~ during our wedding anniversaries, haha! So all the views I get now are just like "residual income" :)

source: http://www.marisavitali.it
The Google traffic also meant that there are still a lot of people who are looking for information in planning Davao weddings. Most of them are probably brides who love to DIY like me! So I might as well help them right? Hence the decision to update this blog with more wedding posts :) So what's coming in the next few weeks? Christmas weddings, marriage tips, #DongYan wedding (I looove Marian Rivera!!) / #JourneyToDDay, lucky wedding dates for 2015 and a whole lot more so keep posted!


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and another year has passed! :p

Yes, it's October once again dear readers! Do this barely updated wedding blog still has readers? Haha! Anyway, as per tradition, here's a "quick" round-up of our wedding anniversary celebration this year :)

The girls woke us up at 530am (gahhh) and we had no choice but to wake up also and prepare breakfast~ using *just* a microwave. The result? A surprisingly good fritatta! 👌💕 Then it was time for an early morning swim around 630. Thank god the water was not cold! Hihi! 

(MIDDLE PICS) 9am: mass in SM Lanang Premier atrium then off to the Exotic Animals Encounter in the musical fountain grounds! Will make another Instagram post on this as we have lots of pics of the exotic animals. Yes, that's a humongous tarantula above! And there were a LOT of them!! 🙈🙊

11am: early lunch in Cellar de Boca where we had our Salutti fave, beef salpicao. Still sooo garlicky good and tender! CdB is owned by the same team behind Salutti in Rizal St :) Another must-try #WhenInDavao so don't miss it! 👍 The one pictured above isn't the salpicao but the cheery-looking Arroz ala Cubana, hihi! Sorry! Then we were off to SM Science and Discovery Center's planetarium show "Universe". Needless to say, there were a lot of "wows" from the girls 😊🔭🌌🌏 The center has been renamed Exploreum. Aside from SM Lanang, there's one in SM Mall of Asia too.

(BOTTOM PICS) 1pm: back to Crown Regency Residences for the kids' naptime (and ours too! haha). This is where we stayed for 3d/2n for our anniversary staycation 💜💕 Around 4pm, my baby nephew dropped by and the kids went swimming again :) For dinner, my in-laws treated us to Buffet Palace (where they also celebrated a colleague's birthday; that's their pic above) in Victoria Plaza. And to my surprise, my dear friend back in med school was there! Hi Dax!! It was great seeing you again!! 😊 Yes that's our selfie above, hihi!

Trivia: BP is the first buffet restaurant in Davao City. There's a lot more buffets here now but the resto still has loyal patrons. Also, VP is Davao's first mall! It opened when I was still in grade6, imagine that!

To cap off our busiest day ever, my BFF and her fam dropped by our hotel room. My girls and her kid, of course, played and played while us moms were busy trading chikas. Hihi! 😉 And to answer your unasked question, no, hubby and I didn't have any romantic date to celebrate our anniversary at all. LOL! But that's just fine. There's a season for everything and right now, it's the season to enjoy our young daughters.. 💜