For Better or Worse..

and another year has passed! :p

Yes, it's October once again dear readers! Do this barely updated wedding blog still has readers? Haha! Anyway, as per tradition, here's a "quick" round-up of our wedding anniversary celebration this year :)

The girls woke us up at 530am (gahhh) and we had no choice but to wake up also and prepare breakfast~ using *just* a microwave. The result? A surprisingly good fritatta! 👌💕 Then it was time for an early morning swim around 630. Thank god the water was not cold! Hihi! 

(MIDDLE PICS) 9am: mass in SM Lanang Premier atrium then off to the Exotic Animals Encounter in the musical fountain grounds! Will make another Instagram post on this as we have lots of pics of the exotic animals. Yes, that's a humongous tarantula above! And there were a LOT of them!! 🙈🙊

11am: early lunch in Cellar de Boca where we had our Salutti fave, beef salpicao. Still sooo garlicky good and tender! CdB is owned by the same team behind Salutti in Rizal St :) Another must-try #WhenInDavao so don't miss it! 👍 The one pictured above isn't the salpicao but the cheery-looking Arroz ala Cubana, hihi! Sorry! Then we were off to SM Science and Discovery Center's planetarium show "Universe". Needless to say, there were a lot of "wows" from the girls 😊🔭🌌🌏 The center has been renamed Exploreum. Aside from SM Lanang, there's one in SM Mall of Asia too.

(BOTTOM PICS) 1pm: back to Crown Regency Residences for the kids' naptime (and ours too! haha). This is where we stayed for 3d/2n for our anniversary staycation 💜💕 Around 4pm, my baby nephew dropped by and the kids went swimming again :) For dinner, my in-laws treated us to Buffet Palace (where they also celebrated a colleague's birthday; that's their pic above) in Victoria Plaza. And to my surprise, my dear friend back in med school was there! Hi Dax!! It was great seeing you again!! 😊 Yes that's our selfie above, hihi!

Trivia: BP is the first buffet restaurant in Davao City. There's a lot more buffets here now but the resto still has loyal patrons. Also, VP is Davao's first mall! It opened when I was still in grade6, imagine that!

To cap off our busiest day ever, my BFF and her fam dropped by our hotel room. My girls and her kid, of course, played and played while us moms were busy trading chikas. Hihi! 😉 And to answer your unasked question, no, hubby and I didn't have any romantic date to celebrate our anniversary at all. LOL! But that's just fine. There's a season for everything and right now, it's the season to enjoy our young daughters.. 💜