For Better or Worse..

A merry, merry Christmas to all of you! :)

Hi friends! :) Before anything else, I wanna thank you all for coming over to our wedding blog when I announced it's revival. To my Google+ family and FB friends, thank you so much for the support! To our new readers, do stay as we have content-rich posts coming up. I hope our wee blog can help you plan your future weddings, whether it's in Davao City or somewhere else ;-) And now, onto the main message of this post:

From our family to yours, Merry Christmas! And have a fantastic, Happy New Year as well! :) If this photo looks familiar to you, it's because it's my FB cover photo. I DID NOT DESIGN this (wish I know how!), it is a freebie template that I downloaded from one of the many digital scrapbooking websites I visited circa 2006-2013. Hihi! If you're the owner of this template, thank you! Kindly comment and I'll direct my readers to your blog.

As for our photos above, the family one is from early this year, in our Singapore family vacay. It was our first out of the country vacay since 2010! And that's because of tight budget. Two kids + middle class income = no extra money for leisure and recreation ;-) So if you're getting married soon, make sure your financial life is a-OK. Because having kids (they come after marriage right? haha) will mess it up! LOL! As for the other photo, that's from Christmas 2013. The girls are 3+ and 1+, both sooo adorable!

Once again, a lovely Christmas to all of you! Happy holidays and see you on 2015!